Ensure your family drink pure water

When it comes to our health, going that extra step is unquestionably worth it, yet in order to create longevity and make a new habit fit into our lives, we need to make things as easy as possible. When it comes to distilled water, what many find difficult is simply remembering. Let’s clarify, it takes no time for you, just time for the machine and what people tend to do is forget to press the button.

Why do we distill water?

Firstly, lets ask why do we distill water? Well, not so long ago the decision was made to put additives into our tap water for several different health benefits. Fluoride was added for its ability to tackle tooth decay; battling poor dental health amongst the masses for years before it was discovered to be hugely beneficial when dealing with an over active thyroid.

It was this discovery however that began to worry people when they realised that many were consuming the same amount and in some cases more, than the recommended dose prescribed by doctors, for an over active thyroid. Add to this its links with dental fluorosis, a disease within the very area it was supposed to be helping and suddenly alarm bells rang.

Chlorine was also added to our water, and at the time, for good reason too. Chlorine has an amazing ability to fight the disease causing bacteria that subsequently threatens us. The only trouble with chlorine is that at the same time, it also reacts with other naturally occurring elements within the water to create toxins, which eventually make their way into our bodies. Not really ideal.

Why a water distiller machine would be beneficial

These are just two examples of additives within our water that cause harm, however, by explaining just these two and we can already see why a Water DISTILLER MACHINE would be beneficial to the health of our family. Yet with the average machine taking around 4 hours to create approx. 4 litres of water, it can often be forgotten and then too late to make it.

So what we recommend when using distillers is to have them on the worktop at all times. Always in eye view, it provides a constant reminder when you walk in and out of the kitchen, and being a STAINLESS STEEL distiller it will look great too. If it’s sheer presence in your kitchen every day isn’t reminder enough, we also suggest distilling water in advance, or last thing at night, then by the time you wake up, you’ll have 4 litres of water, ready to help you face the day.

Make drinking distilled water a solid part of your routine

Some find it more convenient to distill when they remember and simply bottle it and place in their fridge. It’s entirely up to you, but an achievable plan is all you need to make a stainless steel water distiller become a solid part of your routine, and finally get your family and yourself on the road to great health.