Whats really in your tap water?

It’s no big secret that our tap water contains a cocktail of harsh chemicals, toxins, faecal matter along with heavy metals and other such contaminants that only prove problematic to our system.

The dangers of tap water have been documented in detail throughout the past several decades with some officials having admitted (off record) that tap water has the exact same quality as wastewater. Some have even nicknamed it toilet-on-tap. Here we look at the many dangers of tap water and just how we can protect ourselves with our water distillers available to buy online. 

Are you aware of the unwanted ingredients floating in your tap water?

Some may already be aware of the amount of unwanted ingredients floating around in our water. In fact it’s quite easy to see for yourself if you look at the build up often found in many basic water filters. Considering water filters let a lot through still, it’s rather frightening as a putrid build up can occur after just one months use.

water distiller before and after

It’s a somewhat graphic demonstration of just how contaminated the tap water actually is. If that’s not scary enough, some studies have even found for those living in cities, then the tap water is likely loaded with pharmaceutical drug residue from birth control pills and other such medication. Makes you realise why antibiotic-resistant bacteria is continually popping up. 


Avoid Fluoride in your drinking tap waterHere at Make Water Pure, the UK’s leading supplier of the best quality home distiller, we believe this shows just how much of our sewage system is actually turned into some form of tap water. Once it’s been doused in chlorine and other cleaning agents, we’re then given access to it.

Beyond this already alarming threat, we also have the presence of sodium fluoride to contend with. Studies have found out that the level of fluoride found in our tap water can actually impact our IQ and even possibly lead to permanent damage, especially in unborn or newborn babies. Recent studies have even revealed a direct correlation between fluoride intake and tumour spread finding around 25% accelerated tumour growth. 

MWP have the answer with a Home Water Distiller

This can however all be avoided with the help of a water distiller you can buy from us here at Make Water Pure. The beauty of a water distiller is that not only will it rid your drinking water of chemicals and toxins, heavy metals and other such contaminants that water filters fail to tackle but it can also help you get rid of the dreaded fluoride. Here at Make Water Pure we have high quality, stainless steel water distiller systems available for under £150.

Buy a Water Distiller

Throw in the free delivery we offer and this works out to a simply unbeatable deal. Weigh this small sum up with the cost of disease and poor health and you’ll no doubt agree that the initial investment into a water distiller is a much better option.