Alkaline water vs distilled water

Here at Make Water Pure we’re often asked whether alkaline water is healthier than distilled water due to the pH levels. Time after time we hear that alkaline water is far superior due to the fact that distilled water lies more toward to the acidic end of the spectrum so to clear things up we’ve put together an informative article explaining a few things you might not have known about alkaline water and what it can actually do.

How is alkalinised water made?

Let’s first begin by explaining what artificially alkalinised water is. More often than not it’s tap water that’s been put through an electrical machine. This machine will run the water over platinum and titanium plates, which causes an exchange of platinum and titanium ions. This process makes the water more alkaline in its pH.

Why people tend to think alkaline water is better

The majority of these machines have a carbon filter too, which can remove a few impurities as well as a white powder to add that will make the water even more alkaline. This is hugely different from naturally alkaline spring water which passes over rocks in the earth etc.

The reason people tend to want to drink more alkaline water is simply down the pH levels in the body. It doesn’t matter if our saliva, urine or any other bodily fluids test alkaline, in almost all cases our bodies cells are generally a little too acidic and because of this people think that they can actually correct the physiological imbalance by drinking alkaline water.

There are a number of different problems with this theory however and they include:

  1. The reason our bodies are generally more acidic lie at a cellular level. It’s all down to a deficiency of what are known as alkaline reserve minerals and these are what we’re born with or what we receive from our diets. If you live a stressful life then these can deplete. These include calcium, magnesium and zinc. Sadly, drinking alkaline water does little to nothing when it comes to replacing these vital minerals and in some cases can even deplete them further. This can be due to the body thinking it’s alkaline enough thus ridding itself of any alkaline reserve minerals making you even more deficient. Distilled water on the other hand will actually encourage your body to hold on to the alkaline minerals.
  2. Water from alkaline water machines actually replaces the vital minerals with cadium, lead and arsenic along with a whole list of other toxic metals found in tap water. This is an area in which distilled water simply can’t be compared too as it creates water that’s 99.8% pure, containing no such contaminants.
  3. Alkaline water machines have been known to replace minerals with platinum and titanium that’s found in the plates that the water passes over in order to make it alkaline. These are both hugely toxic metals, especially platinum. There have also been slightly higher levels of nickel observed too. Yet again this is something that simply doesn’t happen with distilled water as the inorganic minerals which are removed (and our bodies aren’t able to process anyway) aren’t replaced with anything, leaving the water the purest you could possibly find.
  4. The carbon filtration doesn’t actually remove no where near enough of the harmful contaminants to make the water any safer so although you may think you’re drinking healthy water, you’re still actually consuming fluoride, chlorine, aluminum and a whole host of other unsavoury ingredients. Distilled water on the other hand removes more contaminants than any other water filtration system out there.


Alkaline water doesn’t really helpbalance the body’s pH levels

As a result of this, alkaline water doesn’t really helpbalance the body’s pH levels. You may at first see a little change and take this for improved health however the real truth is the complete opposite. The only way to really balance out the body is the simply replenish the alkaline mineral reserves via your diet and do to this you ‘ll need to eat a good variety of vegetables, cooked and uncooked.

Many people do worry that drinking distilled water, which is ever so slightly acidic, can have a negative reaction however this simply isn’t the case. The main reason the body can be so acidic is actually down to the fact that our diets are far to rich in grains, cereals and sugars. A diet high in refined foods is terrible for our bodies, as are diets high in carbohydrates.

Distilled water helps remove inorganic minerals from your body

All of these foods have acidic reactions in the body because of their peculiar mineral content. Diets should be corrected by eating at least 75% vegetables and fruit each and every day. This is also where distilled water can help. As it doesn’t contain any impurities or inorganic minerals, when it flushes through your body it will pick up the unusable minerals that have begun to accumulate in your body, along with the minerals that your body simply wants to dispose of there and then. This therefore rids you of the unnecessary acid causing minerals. Drinking alkaline water simply doesn’t help and if anything will do your body more harm than good.

Give your body pure h2o, use a water distiller to make your own perfect water

If you’d really like to help your body and put yourself on the road to health and vitality then distilled water is the only way forward. At 99.8% pure, you’re feeding your body nothing but pure and simple H2O. If you’d like more information on how distilled water can benefit the body, aside from simply being a better alternative to alkaline water, then contact us today.