Avoid fluoride when you buy water distillers online

Browse your kitchen and count how many gadgets and gizmos you have that are supposed to be making things healthier for you? Yet you continue to drink tap water that’s riddled with harmful chemicals and toxins? If you’re looking to buy water distillers online from us here at Make Water Pure but aren’t quite convinced then allow us to explain a little about what lurks in your drinking water…

Do you know what chemicals are in your water?

Our water is unfortunately pumped with several different additives with supposed good health benefits for us. These include fluoride, chlorine and aluminium sulphate to name just a few. Fluoride, introduced into our water because of its ability to fight tooth decay gets absorbed into our body at an alarming rate. Although it may help with the prevention of tooth decay (evident in it’s presence in our toothpaste) it also has many negative side effects. One of these being its ability to play havoc with our thyroid; fluoride was once prescribed to people who had over active thyroids because of it’s ability to supress its function. Fluoride also has the capability to cause dental and bone fluorosis, a fluoride induced bone disease that mimics the symptoms of arthritis.

Chlorine linked with causing cancer

Chlorine belonging to the same chemical group as fluoride, although most famous for it’s presence in our public swimming pools was introduced into our drinking water permanently in 1905 as a method of purifying the water. Frightening then that its actually being linked to causing cancer. When chlorine is added to the water it reacts with many of the other natural compounds to create bi-products. The bi-products then produce free radicals in the body, which not only damage cells but are also highly carcinogenic. We’re advised to shower after swimming in chlorine polluted swimming pools because of the danger to our skin, so is it really safe to drink?

Aluminium sulphate, one of the many metals found in our drinking water was originally added to our water for clarity. The issue arises when we have too much of it. Once our body has absorbed more than our body can physically discreet it then deposits the rest into tissues around our body such as our nerves, brain, bones, heart and liver. It’s even known as the silent visitor because it finds it’s way into our brain and bones without us ever knowing. The most frightening statistic is possibly its link to Alzheimer’s.

Rid drinking water of chemicals when you buy a water distiller online

As worrying as all these factors are, it doesn’t have to be with the help of an at home water distillation system. Ridding drinking water of every chemical we’ve mentioned and so many more all with the touch of a button. It couldn’t be simpler to give yourself piece of mind when it comes to the safety of your family. So if you’re looking to buy water distillers online then look no further than us here at Make Water Pure.