Bodybuilding and distilled water

Water is essential for every single metabolic function in our bodies including something called protein synthesis. If you’re training to a high intensity then the simplest thing you can do is give your body more water. It’s something so simple yet so often ignored by millions of people the world over. Considered by some as the stuff of life and why not?

Distilled water is vital for muscle growth

The earth is made up of 70% water, as are our bodies. As stated above, water is vital for protein synthesis but what is this exactly? Well without bogging you down with science discussing amino acids and enzymes, simply put it’s muscle growth. The more efficient you make this process the more efficiently you’ll build muscle and that’s exactly what bodybuilders want. When it comes to water however, it means water and not fizzy drinks and coffee.

Bodybuilding and distilled water drink distilled water

You should drink around 1 gallon of water per day

As much as you adore them the caffeine present in both actually increases fluid loss through diuresis causing the body to store water. Conventional stats tell us that 6-8 glasses of water per day is more than enough but if you were training for what would be considered an unconventional technique then you’d undoubtedly need to take on more. Some body builders take on around a gallon per day.

Distilled water helps bodybuilders remove excess nitrogen, urea and ketones

So what does it actually do that makes it such hot property in the bodybuilding and fitness industry? Well it helps to clear out toxins for a start. When water is consumed, it has a fantastic ability at flushing out toxins and other metabolic waste products from the body. This is especially important for bodybuilders who are on a high protein diet as it helps to remove the excess nitrogen, urea and ketones.

Your kidneys need even more water when eating to gain big weight

So when eating to gain big weight then even more water’s needed to help the kidneys do their work. On top of this it’s great for metabolising fat too. Without enough water, kidneys just won’t function properly and when this happens, the liver sometimes takes the load. The liver metabolises our stored fat for energy purposes but if it is doing the job of the kidneys too, then it burns less fat

Drinking more water can actually help reduce fluid retention

bodybuilder drinking distilled waterA particular thorn in the side of a bodybuilder, especially when coming up to competition is fluid retention but contrary to popular belief, drinking water can actually help reduce fluid retention. When water is in short supply because the body hasn’t consumed enough the body will begin to hoard. Thinking there’s a shortage, the body will begin to store water in extra cellular spaces. This makes the skin appear soft and puffy; not a great look for on stage. The fabulous fluid also helps to keep the body regular too. If there’s too little water then the body will start to steal it from organs like the colon and when this happens, constipation ensues. It can also mean difficulty digesting meals too and when you’re consuming a diet of around 4000 calories a day, that can be quite tough.

Distilled water helps supplements work better

Something that all bodybuilders will use isa supplement. Supplements like protein powders and creatine. Creatine works because it draws water into the muscles creating the perfect anabolic environment for muscle growth therefore for this to work properly, plenty of water is needed in the body. On top of this, when training many will take vitamins, most of which are water-soluble. So for supplements to work, a constant source of water in the body is needed.

Drink the best water you can - Distilled Water

Stainless Steel Water DistillerIt would seem however that bodybuilders now aren’t satisfied with just water. The majority are now reaching for distilled water; water that’s been boiled down and re-formed without the toxins and excess harmful substances usually found in it. Bodybuilders and other stage figure competitors are now choosing to use distilled water because of its association with weight loss and its even greater effects at flushing out toxins.

The benefits of distilled water for body builders

So what’s so great about distilled water? Well it enters the body a lost faster than tap water or even filtered water for that matter and because it lacks so many contaminants and toxins, the body processes it and flushes it out a lot quicker too. This means toxins and waste get flushed from the body at a much quicker rate. It also helps prevent fluid retention that bit more as it lacks excess minerals like sodium, fluoride and potassium. It’s because of this and the fast acting flush, as it’s known, that bodybuilders turn to distilled water especially in the fight against ketones.

Help flush out ketones and toxins caused by excessive protein

As discussed before bodybuilders will generally be eating a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. This can cause a condition called ketosis, which occurs when the body starts using protein as a primary source of fuel instead of carbs and fat. If this is just left then it can actually prove deadly, however with the fast acting flush associated with distilled water the toxins and ketones that excessive protein can create are flushed out.

Whilst the recommended amount of distilled water doesn’t change from that of normal water, an athlete or stage competitor may want to consider taking on more. This is especially so when in the competition preparation phase which is around twelve weeks before and can mean taking in around one to two gallons a day.

Water Distillers

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