Busting the myths before you buy water distiller machines

When it comes to water distillation, there are a lot of myths surrounding it. So if you’re perhaps deciding whether or not to buy water distiller machines for home or work, or maybe even both, here are some of those horrendous myths, busted.

Distillation removes healthy minerals from our drinking water

Perhaps the most common myth and quite possibly the worst of all when it comes to distillation. What it does do however is remove the harmful chemicals that are added, such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminium sulphate leaving us with 99.8% pure water. Yes it can sometimes remove some minerals, however, not only is it still under debate as to whether the minerals in question are actually beneficial or not, but we actually receive the majority from our food, and in take very few from water. When you think of pure water, do you think just plain and simple H20 or H20 with fluoride and chlorine? Searching for distillers for sale already eh?

Drinking distilled water long term can cause tooth decay

Fluoride was added to our water to help prevent increased tooth decay amongst the population, something which it has supposedly done effectively, however, it has also been linked to dental fluorosis, a fluoride induced bone disease that can cause severe issues with the teeth, not to mention the multitude of other problems such as brain damage and thyroid problems. With fluoride readily available in our toothpaste, this myth is complete nonsense and one that can firmly be put to rest.

Distilled water tastes bland

While scouring the Internet for water distillers for sale, a lot will come across filter companies claiming distilled water tastes flat or bland. There are a number of reasons for this, one being shop bought distilled water. As with any shop bought bottled water, it’s stored in cheap plastic bottles, which have been known to leak a carcinogen into the water, which can give it a funny flat taste. These claims are also often notorious from areas with tap water high in chlorine or iron.

If someone is accustomed to drinking water with a high chlorine and iron content then yes, distilled water may taste differnetly, however, if anything distilled water will taste fresh in comparison. Water isn’t meant to have a taste, certainly not metallic or sweet. Just think of the chemicals going through your body when you feel that metallic after taste.

So if you’ve found yourself looking for a distiller then you’re heading in the right direction. Ridding your drinking water of the harmful chemicals and toxins will do nothing but good for your body, leaving you healthier and a lot safer. Keep that in mind when you’re looking to buy water distiller machines.