Choosing the best water distiller

With so many chemicals and toxins pumped into our tap water on a daily basis that have far too many negative side effects on our health, it’s no wonder more and more people opt for the best water distiller and not just any home water distiller. Making the decision to drink distilled water is essentially the easy part; the next part, where we choose which one to buy isn’t so easy. So how do we know which is the best water distiller to buy? It can be a seriously tough decision especially when there are so many different models available when you surf the Internet in search of the best one.

A conveniently sized water distiller system

Lets face it, not everyone has a huge amount of kitchen space so when looking for a water distiller size is very important. No one wants an industrial sized unit that takes up every last inch of worktop leaving you to chop your vegetables for that night’s dinner in the bathroom.  Our water distillers at Make Water Pure are a conveniently sized system designed specifically to take up minimal space on your countertop.

4 litre glass collection jug design for water distillers

They also come with a handy 4-litre glass jug to collect the water as it comes. The time it takes to actually distil water is also something that a lot of people take into consideration and quite rightly so. With so many now choosing to drink only distilled water, people want to know they can get all their distilled water in as quick a time frame as possible. Not surprising then that our distillers are so popular when they produce 4-litres of water in around 3 - 4 hours unlike some others that title themselves ‘turbo distillers’ yet take around 6 hours.

Modern look with a stainless steel finish

Although it may seem shallow to some, how a distiller looks is just as important as the other considerations because it’s going to be on display in the kitchen for all to see. Taking into account just how much we spend on our kitchens, do we really want to ruin the aesthetics with a horrid looking contraption or do we want one that fits in with everything else? Our water distillers are stainless steel and super modern so look great with absolutely any style kitchen. When it comes to price we feel our distillers are unbeatable. With some water distillers ranging well into the three hundreds mark we know ours isn’t just reasonably priced but actually very affordable.

Compact, quick, good looking and affordable

For just £149 you can get a countertop water distiller with a 4-litre glass collection jug too and considering just what it can do, we know that’s an absolute bargain. So if you’re looking to buy water distillers online then look no further than us here at Make Water Pure; compact, quick, good looking and affordable.