The benefits of cleansing with distilled water

Living amongst us in this increasingly toxic world, you’ll know that enjoying a cleanse once or twice a year will no doubt be a good idea. Carrying out a detox is a bit like hitting a reset button on your body. It can help to heighten your energy levels, balance out your hormones as well as improve your digestive system.

You can also help break the viscous cycle of cravings and lose those last stubborn pounds. Sadly however, with the constant flow of toxins and contaminants that are present in our tap water, a cleanse with regular tap water might not have the positive effects you were hoping for which is why we suggest taking it one step further and carry out your cleanse with steam distilled water. So what can you expect to see from a week or two weeks of cleansing with pure water? Aside from the positives mentioned previously, here are some rather unexpected benefits you’ll see from carrying out a cleanse with distilled water… 

The ability to cope with stress better – alcohol, sugar and caffeine will all contribute to fatigue; adrenal fatigue specifically. As we slowly eliminate such stimulants from our daily diet, our adrenal glands receive that much needed break and begin to reboot. The lack of contaminants from tap water, coupled with the lack of stimulants, along with the abundance of nutrients will nourish and heal the body. A healthy body and mind are then able to cope and deal with the everyday stresses that can often become overwhelming.

Emotional release – as your body gets rid of contaminants and toxins with the help of distilled water flushing them out of your system, they’ll begin to release layers of emotions. Cleansing isn’t just about clearing your body of harmful substances; it’s also about clearing your mind of deep-rooted toxins. Toxic feelings such as anxiety, anger and even fear may surface and this will give you the opportune time to deal with deep-rooted pain and anger. Emotions that are stored in the body will manifest into the physical body as aches and pains leading to depression and a multitude of other serious illnesses. You may find practicing gentle yoga during your cleanse will help enormously. 

Epiphany – by eating a diet that’s rich in healing properties, we lessen the burden on our bodies and make room in our minds for other things. As purification occurs, you may find your mind becoming more clear and focused. New ideas may start to flow and a situation that was once problematic will be seen from a different perspective. During your distilled water cleanse may be the perfect time to create a vision board and indulge in a little reflection. 

Deeper consciousness – by cleansing your body, you help to release the stagnation and make room for a revitalised and new you. For many years, people have cleansed simply to feel more alive and awake. By enjoying some gentle yoga and deep breathing, along with your distilled water cleanse, you’ll create more space to connect with your deeper consciousness. 

The lemon and distilled water Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is a very well known detox programme and involves consuming homemade lemonade that consists of steam distilled water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Designed in the 1950’s, this cleanse was hugely popular and still is today. All cleanse programmes have the intention of helping the body and internal organs to function correctly however we do advise speaking with your doctor before partaking in any such cleanse. Let’s break down each ingredient and find out just what it is they each offer. 

Lemon – lemons are a great source of vitamin C making them a great ingredient for a cleanse. Lemon juice helps to clear the kidneys and colon. It’s so effective in fact that a lot of people who consume warmdistilled water and lemon juice first thing in the morning often find it’s effective enough to prompt a bowel movement. Lemons also contain a compound known as a limonoid, which have been proven to be very effective in resisting skin, lung, colon and stomach cancer. Further research has shown that the human body very easily absorbs and uses limonin for up to 24 hours after consumption. 

Maple Syrup – a mere 1 ounce of maple syrup has a whopping 22% of your daily dose of a trace mineral known as manganese and according to the “World’s Healthiest Foods”, this mineral is needed for its antioxidative functions. Maple syrup also provides us with a great amount of zinc, which is hugely important for keeping healthy endothelium cells that can be found in our blood. Maple syrup is also far less refined than the sugar you’d usually add to your morning coffee and as part of a distilled water cleanse will provide calories. It also contributes towards making the lemonade far less acidic and allows people to remain on the Master Cleanse for 10 days or more. 

Distilled Watervapourdistilled water has zero calories and zero toxins making it ideal for use within a detoxing cleanse programme such as this. All cleanses are designed with the sole purpose of removing toxins from the body and by drinking distilled water, you’re reducing the risk of adding more to your toxic burden. This is due to our tap water containing a high amount of toxins making its presence within a cleanse almost wasted. 

Consumed together, lemon juice, maple syrup and the wonder ingredient that is distilled water make for a fantastic detox programme. For more information on how to create your own distilled water at home using our water distillers, or if you’d like further information on cleansing and the possibility of losing weight with distilled water, then simply contact us today.