Dangers of chlorine in our tap water

When people talk about the dangers of contaminants and toxins in our tap water, the main concern that’s usually raised first and foremost is the existence of fluoride. Yes it has some hideous side effects when consumed over the long term and we’re right to be concerned about it but what about the other unwanted chemicals in our tap water. With the presence of fluoride, people can tend to become somewhat blinkered and forget about the other dangers and just what they can do to you. Allow us to pull your attention toward Chlorine, one of the many dangers you can find lurking in your drinking water.

Did you know Chlorine is one of the main ingredients in bleach?

Caution ChlorineChlorine was once used as a poison mustard gas back in World War I and also as a chemical weapon in the Iraq War. It’s one of the main ingredients in bleach and a number of disinfectants and it’s also used to help make plastic and solvents for dry cleaning and degreasing. With this in mind we shouldn’t need to tell you just how worrying it is that chlorine is pumped into our drinking water daily and being consumed by us in every glass of water, every cup of tea and even in our children’s squash. Anything that contains chlorine couldn’t possibly be good to swallow, in fact a large number of studies have even added carcinogen to its list of offences. It’s therefore no surprise that many wonder just why it’s being pumped into our water.

Considered by some as a good idea gone bad, chlorine was first introduced into our water supply back in the 19th century. During this time it was done in quite the gung-ho manner all in the name of disease prevention. People were so frightened about contracting a waterborne disease in fact that you could have told them you were adding arsenic and they would have gulped it down willingly. With typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery in the back of everyone’s minds, chlorine was loved and adored.

Chlorine proven to harden arteries, destroy body proteins and irritate skin

Acting out of fear however never did anyone any good, especially in this case. The effects of a lifetime of drinking and bathing in chlorinated water are albeit a lot more silent than others, but just as deadly as the diseases it was meant to be saving you from. Chlorine has been proven in numerous tests to harden arteries, destroy proteins in the body and irritate the skin. It can also play havoc with sinuses, asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. Worse still is the fact that chlorine has several by-products such as chloroform and DCA, which all have their own list of side effects like speeding the aging process and causing cholesterol to oxidise. DCA has even been known to cause liver cancer in lab animals. A study in the US recently showed the cancer risk for those drinking chlorinated water was around 93% higher than those who didn’t drink chlorinated water. That certainly provides a clear enough message indeed.

So what’s the big deal exactly with chlorine exposure? Well not much when it comes to chlorine on its own, coupled with other sources however and it changes immediately taking on a whole new form entirely. This is why it’s so popular, simply because it can be combined with so many other substances and is exactly the same reason why it’s so dangerous. Even if the compounds are completely safe, the end results can form deadly toxins like dioxin and PCB’s and carcinogens such as THMs and MXs. Recent studies have even proven that THMs and MXs are present in the majority of water supplies that have had chlorine added.

Chlorine is in our Tap Water which we all consume in some way

Whether you like it or not, when you consume tap water you can be certain that you’re gulping down these and many other carcinogens by the glassful and here’s why: when chlorine mixes with leaves and vegetation during its final breakdown stage, it creates THMs. Newer research however has found that MXs are even more toxic, 170 times more toxic in fact. MXs are known to play havoc with the thyroid gland as well as lead to the development of cancerous tumours too. The question to ask yourself is what’s more frightening, the side effects caused when these deadly toxins are formed or the ease with which our bodies form them when chlorine interacts with phytochemicals found in plants-in other words the fruit and vegetables we eat.

Take things into your own hands with a Water Distiller. Clean, safe and pure water every time

Sadly buying a filter for your tap or relying on bottled water just isn’t good enough, not by a long shot in fact. The best way to avoid consuming chlorine through your drinking water is to distil your tap water. Distillation is the only process that will make your drinking water as pure as it can possibly be. Distilling water involves boiling your tap water and turning it into steam. The steam is then collected in a completely separate compartment and cooled, where it turns back into liquid form. The brilliance of this act lies in the fact that water has a much lower boiling point than all the toxins and chemicals (chlorine included) lying within it. This means when the water boils, turns to steam and rises, it leaves everything else behind. The steam you collect and condense back to liquid form is therefore nothing but pure H2O, 99.8% pure.

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