Demineralised water versus distilled water from our distilled water machine

What’s the difference between demineralised water and distilled water from our distilled water machine?

Here at Make Water Pure we often find people comparing demineralised water to distilled water from our distilled water machine. They are however very different but what is the difference between demineralised water and distilled water? Well the process through which they’re obtained for a start however, as both kinds refer to a form of pure water it can be difficult to understand for some and the definitions used for both can sometimes add to the confusion. To make it clearer, here at Make Water Pure we take a look at each individually.

So what is distilled water?

The production of distilled water involves heating the water to the boiling point to create steam. This is then collected in a separate container leaving all impurities behind. As it cools the water vapour condenses and returns to liquid which results in distilled water. The process of distillation eliminates heavy metals, even the trace elements and this is all due to water having a lower boiling point than the chemicals, toxins and other impurities it contains. There are even some companies that distil their water twice to form even purer water for specialised applications within laboratories and submarines.
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So what’s demineralised water then?

It is also known sometimes as deionised water and actually undergoes a completely different purification process. This method of purifying relies on passing water through ion exchange resins where contaminants and cations that are present in the water are exchanged with hydrogen and hydroxide. These are then combined to form water. Examples of products removed in this process include chloride, calcium and potassium along with nitrate and sulphate. Sadly however it doesn’t capture and remove microorganisms and organic compounds that distilling so easily does. This is because they aren’t charged and therefore aren’t recognised by the resins.

Although deionised water does actually meet the international quality standards set by the British, European and American Pharmacopeias, it sadly doesn’t compare with distilled water, which removes microorganisms, and organic compounds that can often be harmful to the human body. Many however have stuck with deionised water as it’s supposedly cheaper than distilled water but this is no longer true either. With the purchase of a quality water purifier from our UK Company Make Water Pure you can make distilled water not only readily available but extremely cheaply too.

For under £150 you can have a ready to use distilled water machine delivered straight to your door. Our quality systems can provide four litres of distilled water in just over three hours ready for your family to drink, wash their hair in or even use in their appliances any time of the day.

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When it comes to pure water, there’s only one option and that’s distilled water. The only process that removes fluoride completely, making it the only choice for you and your family.