Do you really know what’s in the tap water you drink?

Here at Make Water Pure, we really believe in the health benefits of our stainless steel water distiller. With the ability to almost completely purify your water to around 99.8%, you can now enjoy tap water without any worry of harmful ingredients entering your body.

For those who aren’t completely up to speed with the chemicals and toxins that can be found in our regular tap water, please allow us to explain.

Do you know what chemicals are in your tap water?

Many scientists recently have taken the time to test our drinking water and find out exactly what’s in it, and the results are shocking. Did you know that the process to make our water safe to drink, actually involves adding a considerable amount of poisonous chemicals?

Chemicals which have actually been proven to cause, in some cases, severe long term health damage if consumed over a long period of time; our tap water doesn’t seem so healthy now does it?

Chlorine, Fluoride, Aluminium Sulphate, Calcium Hydroxide and Sodium are just a few of the “added extras” filtered into our tap water for us to consume on a daily basis. The reason many of these were added to our drinking water was in fact because they all had some sort of benefit in terms of our health.

Chlorine, for example, was first filtered into our tap water because of it’s great abilities at destroying many disease causing bacteria, however, what you aren’t readily informed about is the fact that chlorine will over time react with other naturally occurring elements to create toxins which eventually make their way into our bodies.

These toxins have been connected to numerous different health problems

The worrying thought is that these toxins have been connected to numerous different health problems such as bladder cancer and heart disease. Fluoride was initially put into our tap water for its ability to reduce tooth decay.

However along with its cavity reducing capabilities, it can also play severe havoc with our thyroid, along with causing a fluoride induced bone disease, which often mimics the symptoms of arthritis. The same can be said for aluminium sulphate, added to our water for clarity, yet it’s been linked to harmful affects such as mental deterioration.

When it comes to our health and the health of our families, information like this can often scare us, yet it needn’t. With our Water DISTILLER MACHINE you can now completely purify your tap water, ridding it of all the unnecessary contaminants that can cause serious harm to our health. At the push of a button you can now eradicate 99.8% of all harmful toxins in your drinking water with our stylish stainless steel distiller, a compliment to any kitchen space.