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So many people overlook the numerous benefits that come with adequate hydration. Those who don’t like the taste of water usually drink fizzy drinks, tea and coffee in excess. No matter what their excuse for avoiding water, they’re missing out on important factors in nutrition. You may not be aware but there are different types of water that you can purchase and like anything else, there are sources that are far superior to others.

This article will be shedding light on just why bodybuilders need quality water and the benefits of the purest water of them all; distilled water. The human body can’t make or store water itself so it’s necessary that we drink enough to replenish everything that we’ve lost throughout the day. Water makes up around 70% of our body weight and is also involved in every single bodily process. From this it’s easy to see just how important it really is.

Hydrate your body with PURE WATER (DISTILLED WATER)

How can our home distiller help you?When we exercise (bodybuilding included) it’s vitally important that we remain hydrated but the question is, is any old water ok? Here at Make Water Pure we know just how important the quality of water to a bodybuilder is. In fact it’s so important that many are very selective as to where they get their water from.

It’s important that pure water is drunk as this prevents the flooding of the body with toxic chemicals. Sadly, those who choose to drink the water from the tap are simply filling their body with toxic chemicals with every single sip. These can include chlorine, fluoride, arsenic and even aluminium sulphate.

Filtered water isn't pure

Is the water filter as good as our water distiller?Many think purchasing filtered water is their best option but again, this isn’t the case. Filtered water will often contain some chemicals and surprisingly enough, there are even some filtered waters that have been tested showing to have more contaminants in them then the water they’ve filtered. This is down to filters eventually becoming a breeding ground for bacteria when they aren’t changed often enough.

Minerals found in mineral water aren’t organic and as a result aren’t used by the body. These inorganic minerals then begin to accumulate within our bodies and over time, can actually do us harm. For the best source of water that’s as pure as you will ever likely see it, distilled water is your only option. The only way to successfully distill water is via a steam compression distillation process. This is what our water distillers from Make Water Pure do, all in the comfort of your own home.

Drink distilled water to help rid your body of inorganic materials

The main benefit with distilled water, aside from its lack of contaminants is that it helps the body rid itself of inorganic materials. Bodybuilders and stage competitors will now very often only use distilled water because of its association with weight loss and its effectiveness at flushing out toxins. This is because it enters our system far more rapidly than tap water or even filtered water for example. Our bodies then process it and flush it out rather quickly.

The flush helps to remove excess toxins and waste from the body so not only does it keep you hydrated but it rids the body of any toxic build up. It’s also rather good at preventing water retention as it lacks the additives that would usually cause this such as sodium and potassium.

Before of the mineral myth

Busting the myths before you buy water distiller machinesMany sadly claim the fact it lacks contaminants and other such undesirables is that it deprives the body of vital nutrients. This simply isn’t the case. With the majority of our vitamins and minerals actually coming from our food, the lack of them in our water is nothing that we even need to consider.

It’s also worth remembering, as we mentioned above, the minerals within our tap water are actually inorganic and can’t be processed by the body anyway.

Flush out toxins and ketones by drinking distilled water

So why do bodybuilders specifically seek distilled water? Well this is all down to the fast acting flush. As body builders eat large amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates, they are at risk from the onset of ketosis. This is where the body begins using protein as its main fuel source instead of carbohydrates and fat and this, as a result can produce toxins and ketones.

If this is left then ketosis can actually prove fatal. Many bodybuilders have found that by drinking distilled water, it helps them flush out the toxins and ketones that excessive protein can create thus reducing the risk of ketosis.

Quantity is as important as the quality

While the recommended amount of distilled water doesn’t change from eight glasses per day for the average person, this is of course nowhere near enough for an athlete or stage competitor. One great way to work out just how much you need to consume is multiply the number of pounds you weigh by 0.55 and this will give you a result in ounces of your daily water needs.

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Here at Make Water Pure we find bodybuilders coming to us more and more in search of an easy solution to their distilled water needs and that’s exactly what we provide for them. With our high quality stainless steel water distillers, they are able to have constant access in their own homes to distilled water.

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Our distillers can provide four litres of distilled water in less than three hours. Not only that but they’re small enough to fit onto the kitchen worktop too. What’s more, an entire system can be purchased for a mere £124 with free delivery within the UK. For more information on distilled water or how you can get your hands on a counter top water distiller, contact us today