Fluoride in water causes cancer

Fluoride in our tap water has been a hot topic for many years due to the number of associated health issues however the most recent is perhaps the most shocking. A disturbing new study has indicated fluoride in tap water to be linked to bone cancer in boys. There have been no links to girls as yet. The startling news comes from a recent American study that suggests boys exposed to fluoride when they’re between the ages of 5 and 10 would suffer from an increased risk of osteosarcoma, otherwise known as bone cancer, when they were between the ages of 10 and 19.

Fluoride is added to our tap water here in the UK

Here in the UK, fluoride is added to our tap water thanks to advice of governing bodies such as the British Dental Association and the Department of Health. The Department of Health still maintains that it’s a cost effective health measure for the public in the fight against tooth decay in children. As a result roughly six million people within our population, receive fluoridated water. The vast majority of these recipients are in the Midlands and the North East however if you think you’re out of the danger zone, think again.

The government have now made their plans of expansion known with Manchester expected to be next on this list. For those living in America, around 170 million citizens are receiving fluoride in their water too. The increased cancer risks, which were identified in the Harvard School of Dental Health study, were found at levels at which fluoride exposure is common in Britain and the US.

This particular study was the first of its kind looking at exposure to the chemical during such a critical period of development and the age when bone cancer takes hold. Despite osteosarcoma being quite rare in that it accounts for only 3% of childhood cancers, it’s particularly dangerous with the mortality rate in the first five years of developing the disease being about 50%. On top of this, statistics show that nearly all survivors have limbs amputated with the legs being the most common.

New study urges the removal of Fluoride in our tap water

The Environmental Working Group, otherwise known as the EWG, made this research available to the public. The group reported that it had gathered a rather strong body of reviewed evidence and as a result requested that the chemical fluoride be added to the US government’s classified list of substances that are known to cause cancer in humans. Richard Wiles, the group’s co-founder described bone cancer as a very specific cancer in a rather defined group of children, explaining that on closer inspection, the occurrence of tumours were on the increase after exposure to fluoride.

Although the benefits of fluoride on our dental health are supposedly recognised by numerous dental health organisations, the results of such toxic exposure through our tap water are clear. Even when compared with DDT, fluoride has much stronger data in terms of its carcinogenic properties. When we consume fluoride via our tap water, at least half of it begins to accumulate and calcify around our teeth, bones and even the pineal gland in the brain. It’s estimated that the bones take around 90% and as a result, conditions such as bone fluorosis as well as cancer, can take hold in our later years too.

MPs are voting against Fluoride after evidence mounts

Evidence is stacking up with such force that MPs are now voting against the recent fluoridation proposals. These MPs include Jack Straw and Michael Howard. Anti-fluoride campaigners are now arguing that the issue of fluoride in tap water has become politically sensitive. If the actual health scares associated with fluoride in tap water were to berecognised in the courts themselves, the litigation could run for years, decades in fact. As a result, scientists have been prohibited from publicising any such negative findings despite their being many when it comes to why we should be opposing fluoride.

This evidence only emerged by accident after it was read within a dissertation by Dr Elise Bassin. Any question over the merit of the dissertation was soon quashed when it was realised that Bassin actually received her doctorate because of it. It should come as no surprise that it hasn’t been published, with environmental agencies all denied access to it. More recently however, two researchers from Fluoride Action Network were allowed to read the dissertation within the rare books and special collections room at Harvard Medical Library.

Dr Elise Bassin isn’t the only one that would like her work to be published as DrVyvyan Howard, a senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool has also studied the material and couldn’t agree more. DrVyvyan has expressed her own concerns as a result stating that the ages of the bones in the boys would indicate that they’re developing rapidly. If the bones are therefore being put together in an abnormal fashion as a result of fluoride altering bone structures then the likelihood of getting cancer is much higher. DrVyvyan went on to describe it as “biologically plausible” with it looking to have a “definite effect.” Despite so much evidence linking fluoride to cancer in boys, there is at present no true understanding as to why males would be affected as opposed to females.

Remove Fluoride from your tap water using a Water Distiller

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