Drink pure water with our home water distiller

Here at Make Water Pure we understand fully the benefits of drinking distilled water and the positive impact it can have on someone’s life but do you? So many people look at buying a home distiller before they fully understand just what it can offer or actually what it does, so here we’ll take a look at what distilled water is and just how it can help.

Distilled water is water in its purest form

Distilled water is quite simply water in its purest form. It contains absolutely nothing but good old H2O. As our sun heats the oceans, steam rises and forms the clouds we see in our skies. The clouds contain nothing but H2O as during the steaming process all of the salt and impurities are left behind. As more and more steam rises it creates bigger heavier clouds until they finally give way and rain. The rain is essentially distilled water.

Woman drinking distilled waterSadly this doesn’t mean we can all go put a bucket outside and catch it for our own drinking purposes because the pollution in the air today reloads the rain with toxins and impurities before it hits us. This does show the way in which our distillers for sale create distilled water though. Using exactly the same process that Mother Nature herself uses all inside our fabulous stainless steel machines.


Tap water contains fluoride, chlorine and even some heavy metals

Our bodies are made up of around 60-70% water, which is why it’s so important to keep ourselves topped up. We lose water through going to the bathroom and even during exercise through perspiration. This must all be replaced.

Sadly however, the water that comes out of our taps from our kitchens and bathrooms isn’t as healthy as it could be and in some areas of the country which are particularly high fluoridated areas, it can actually be dangerous in the long term. Tap water contains fluoride, chlorine and even some heavy metals, which I think we can all agree, isn’t what we want to be putting into our bodies.

Create your own healthy pure distilled water

This is where our home distiller comes in. Offering families the chance to create four litres of pure water in under three hours means the ability to give an entire family access to pure healthy water all day every day. Distilled water doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or contaminants and will simply give your body what it cries out for.

By drinking only distilled water you’ll see almost immediate changes such as a sharpened mental performance, improved appearance of your skin, better digestion, heightened energy and even the possibility of weight loss. Distilled water can even help improve your immune function as well as help remove toxins and waste products from the body. At just £149 you can purchase an entire system that promises to help improve the health of your family for the better. For the best in water distillers then Make Water Pure is the only place to be.