Is the water filter as good as our water distiller?

When looking at water purification systems many ask if a water filter is as good as a water distiller. Simply put we’d have to say that the high quality stainless steel water distillers from us here at Make Water Pure make the very purest water possible for you to drink. There is simply no other type of water purification system, water filters included that can make water as pure or clean.

If you aren’t drinking distilled water from a water distiller then the water you’re drinking doesn’t come close to being pure and no doubt contains a number of toxins and contaminants. The majority of people it would seem are shocked to hear this, especially with the hype that still surrounds the water filter. We put this down purely to people not knowing how very pure distilled water is.

Bottled water is often tap water that has been filtered

Many also seem to have a completely false impression when it comes to their tap water or even the bottled water they buy from the supermarket shelf. As much as we’d like to think that it’s pure, it isn’t. Our tap water, unfortunately, is loaded with different types of toxins, contaminants and suspended pollutants that do nothing but harm to our bodies. For those who aren’t aware, bottled water is more often than not just plain tap water that’s been minimally filtered to get rid of the bad smell and poor taste which brings us back to water filters and water distillers.

Microscopic contaminants can still make it through common water filters

People across the world buy water filters in the hope that they’ll provide them with pure clean water. Sadly, the majority of microscopic contaminants make it through common water filters (and other supposed water purifiers) only to remain in the water you drink. It’s also worth remembering that when water filters eventually become clogged up, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and if this happens, the filtered water will actually become even more contaminated than it first was.

The mineral myth marketed by water filter companies

Many water filter companies like to label distilled water as too pure. They insist that the distilling process is too effective when it comes to purifying the water and removes minerals that are in the water. What they neglect to mention however is that we actually get our best source of minerals from our food as opposed to our water. We get 95% of our mineral requirement from food in fact and it must be remembered that to gain the further 5% of good minerals from water, we must also consume the bad minerals too. It’s no different to telling people to eat a handful of dirt in the hope it might also contain a few good vitamins and minerals. 

Follow mother natures way of purifying water

water distillation hydrologic cycle

When we look to healthier options we often look to the more natural of foods, so what could be more natural than Mother Nature’s own process for purifying water? Just like rain is produced from evaporation, which then condenses back into liquid, our stainless steel water distillers do the same. Often called rain in a chamber, the water distillers begin to heat the tap water you place in them.

The water reaches its boiling point (which is much lower than the contaminants it contains) and begins to evaporate. The steam rises leaving the contaminants behind and is then collected in a different chamber where it cools and turns back to its liquid state. All the contaminants, toxins and chemicals including chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals are either left for you to see in the boiling chamber at the end of the distillation process or captured within the carbon filter which traps VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The result of this process is 99.8% pure, clean and safe drinking water exactly the way nature intended it.

Despite its clear scientific process, many still choose to believe the myths that surround it so here are just a few quick facts on distilled water. 

  1. Taste
    many have often accused distilled water of having a flat taste but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst store bought distilled water, often in warehouses and on shop shelves for months at a time, may eventually develop what’s considered a flat taste, this is most certainly not the case for the distilled water that our machines can make fresh every day when you need it. In fact this is such a huge myth simply because water has no taste at all because there’s nothing in it. There is nothing that can taste as clean and pure as distilled water does when it’s made fresh in one of our distillers.
  2. Minerals
    whilst it is true that the distillation process will remove all contaminants, toxins and impurities from the water, it’s not true to say that you would be affected negatively from this. As we touched upon before, we receive around 95% of our minerals from food, not our water. If you wanted to continue to receive a mere 5% of minerals from the water you’d also have to ingest a huge amount of contaminants and toxins too which inevitably cancel out any positive effects of that 5%.
  3. Medically approved
    whilst some believe distilled water isn’t recommended by doctors, others know this isn’t the case. Many respected doctors are only too happy to recommend distilled water to help their patients.
  4. Cost
    water distillation systems are actually rather inexpensive. An entire system will set you back merely £124 and running costs are around just 9p per litre. This makes them so inexpensive that in some cases it can actually be more costly to go without one. The savings you would enjoy by not purchasing bottled water would indeed pay for the water distiller over and over again.  

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