Make Water Pure offer more than just the best water distiller prices

At Make Water Pure, we are proud to be the UK’s leading suppliers of home water purifying systems. Helping the UK on the road to health and vitality is something that’s extremely important to us and something we can only hope to continue. With our home distillation systems we offer more than just the best water distiller prices, we offer a new lease of life.

The purest drinking water is distilled water

Through studies and testing, we have discovered that the only way to really drink pure water is through distillation, natures own process for purifying water. Although some water filter systems may help, they simply can’t rid our water of the chemicals and toxins such as fluoride and chlorine, which cause serious damage to our health if consumed over a long period of time. With water distillers achieving purity as close as 99.8% no other purification system really compares. When you purchase one of our at home water distillation systems all for under £150 you not only receive a ready to go system complete with glass collection jug but the ability to change your life too.

There are many benefits to our health when drinking distilled water

Drinking distilled water has so many benefits to our health you’ll wonder why you never started sooner. With it’s 99.8% purity, distilled water can actually help flush out remaining chemicals and toxins as you drink it leaving your body to function as it should. This has been known to aid with our mental performance making us sharper as well as heightening our energy levels giving us more oomph to get through the day. With the number of toxins in our bodies from regular tap water it’s no wonder our skin can look a little patchy at times but with the regular consumption of distilled water clearer skin can be yours. It’s also a common known fact that fluoride also plays havoc with our thyroid which is why when we drink distilled water we can often see weight loss. Other health benefits include the reduction of stress and anxiety, a more regular body temperature and improved oxygen delivery along with better digestion.

Our water distiller price comes in at under £150

Here at MWP we know the benefits you’ll see to your health when you buy water distillers for home use though it isn’t just beneficial to your health; it will look great in your kitchen too. Coming in stylish stainless steel, it will look great on any countertop. Couple this with the speed it works at making four litres of distilled water in around three hours, much quicker than a lot of other distillation systems and you’ll be hard pushed to find a better product. A stylish efficient system that will give you amazing health benefits beating other water distiller prices coming out under £150. With free delivery and a possibility of £20 cash back if you refer a friend there’s never been a better time to buy one.