Never look back with Water Distillers from MWP

Here at Make Water Pure we couldn’t feel more passionate about our water distillers and the purity of our water. This is especially when it’s so fresh, crisp to taste and free from the harmful chemicals and toxins that flush our bodies with every mouthful of regular tap water. Although some are aware of just what gets pumped into our drinking water on a daily basis, the majority aren’t. Quite shocking that the general public aren’t kept in the loop about these things, especially when they’re adding fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals to name just a few.

Get a counter top Water Distiller for your home

Fear not however, because we can supply you with a countertop water distiller that won’t just provide you and your family with the purest water possible, but look amazing and not break the bank at the same time. With most water distillers taking up huge space in the kitchen, ours merely fits in amongst other regular kitchen appliances and in only 3-4 hours provides 4 whole litres of pure distilled water. Operating on a one-touch button it couldn’t be easier to use either.

All you need with our complete water distatillion kit

The whole starter kit comes complete with a stylish stainless steel water distiller, a four-litre ‘Make Water Pure’ glass collection container, a filter nozzle and charcoal filters as well as 8oz of residue cleaner. It’s a fabulous starter kit for anyone looking to provide his or her family with safe, clean drinking water and all at the bargain price of £149.00 too. Couple that with our very generous offer of free delivery and we think you’ll find it tough to find another deal quite like it. When you begin looking to buy water distillers from us here at Make Water Pure it might also be worthwhile looking at the accessories we available.

Many have found another four-litre glass collection jug to be quite beneficial as it allows them to make another four litres of distilled water whilst enjoying the first four litres they made, which as you can imagine is great for bigger families. It’s also great for smaller households who use distilled water in their appliances too such as irons and steamers etc. We even have extra carbon filters should you wish to purchase more on their own; great for filtering odours and certain contaminants i.e. chlorine from the water.

Enjoy the health benefits by making and drinking distilled water

The health benefits are multiple too. To break it down here are a few of the biggest effects you may see from distilled water; can help boost fertility, help prevent cancer by removing carcinogens from the water, clears your body of toxins by flushing it with pure water, removes 99.8% of pollutants and is scientifically proven to help fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards a healthier you with our stainless steel water distillers.