Our water distillers are cost effective answers

66% of people don’t drink enough water

Did you know that your body is made up of around 70% water? Did you also know that a mere 5% decrease in body fluids could affect our energy levels by around 25 to 30%? Astonishing isn’t it just how much our bodies need water, which makes it all the more amazing that an estimated 66% of people don’t drink enough of the stuff. Considering how much our bodies can decline when we’re getting short of it, the amount of people completely uneducated in this field is amazing.

But what isn’t surprising is the lack of knowledge when it comes to the purity of our water because lets face it, if we aren’t aware just how much we need to drink it’s highly unlikely we’re aware of what’s actually in our tap water. For those who are however, for the few who realise just how important it is that we not only drink enough water but also drink as pure water as possible, it tends to cost a small fortune buying bottle after bottle. But here at Make Water Pure we’re bringing you a more cost effective answer in the form of our water distillers.

Why it's important we use a water distiller

Firstly lets understand why it’s so important that we use a water distiller. Well, for many years now our regular tap water that we use everyday for drinking and cooking has actually had chemicals and other such additives added to it. Fluoride, for instance, was added quite some time ago for the pure and simple reason that it supposedly helps fight tooth decay. In spite of this when it comes to fighting the good fight against cavities it also brings with it a few of it’s own negatives.

Fluoride has been linked with weight gain due to its tendency to play havoc with our thyroid as well as a disease known as Fluorosis. Caused by long-term exposure to fluoride, Fluorosis is a bone disease that actually mimics the signs and symptoms of arthritis. Frightening isn’t it, yet it can all be avoided and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Bottled water is extremely expensive in comparison

When it comes to drinking pure water most think it’s a case of buying bottle water, which costs an absolute fortune and generally is worse than tap water. Here at Make Water Pure however, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case. Using an at home distiller from us you can make the purest water for you and your family on a daily basis for practically next to nothing in comparison to buying bottled water.

Add on to this the convenience of making it at home saving you the trip to the shops, as well as the lack of plastic bottles and harm on the environment involved and there’s pretty much no case to answer to when it comes to our home water distillers. Purer water for a purer you.