Reducing kidney stones with distilled water

Everyone’s heard of kidney stones but what are they exactly? Well they’re stones that form in the kidney within the tube that drains urine from the kidney or from the bladder. They can be completely different shapes and sizes ranging from minuscule microscopic crystals to stones that grow as large as potatoes.

Three in every twenty have kidney stones

What a lot of people aren’t aware of is just how common they are with around three in every twenty men and one in every twenty women developing kidney stones at some stage in their lives in the UK. Kidney stones can occur at absolutely any age too however it would seem they’re more common between the ages of twenty and forty. Sadly for those who develop kidney stones, they will find it will recur at least once at some stage down the line.

So just how do kidney stones form?

Picture of kidney stoneThe question most people find themselves asking is: how do kidney stones form? Well the job of the kidneys are to filter the blood and other waste chemicals in order to produce urine. This urine will travel from each kidney and down the tube that drains the urine into the bladder. It then travels out of the body when we visit the bathroom. A number of waste chemicals are dissolved in the urine however the chemicals will sometimes form tiny crystals in the urine, which can then clump together and form the stones. Some kidney stones might lie in the kidney causing no problems and no symptoms at all, in fact it’s quite common for some people to be completely unaware of their existence.

If you are one of the unlucky ones however you may find that you suffer from kidney pains due to stones stuck in the kidneys as well as renal colic, which is a rather severe pain caused by stones becoming stuck in the draining tube leading to the bladder. You may also find you suffer from blood in the urine caused by stones rubbing the inside of your ureter. Urine infections are also quite commonplace when you suffer from kidney stones in which case you’d suffer from a high temperature, pain passing urine and an increased frequency in the need to pass urine.


Avoid kidney stones by drinking distilled water

Drink distilled waterKidney stones are most certainly no laughing matter however in spite of their common occurrence they can be avoided with the help of distilled water. Here at Make Water Pure, distilled water is the best fluid to drink when it comes to kidney stone prevention. For those who might not be aware distilled water is the purest form of water there is. It is essentially H2O and nothing else which means no added minerals, no heavy metals and most certainly no added chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

Consuming Tap Water can cause kidney stones

As we touched upon earlier, crystals form in the urine from the waste chemicals in our bodies. Unfortunately our tap water that we consume on a daily basis (whether it’s through drinking water, squash or tea and coffee) contains a huge amount of chemicals and toxins. Several of these are added for so-called health benefits and a number of others find their own way in through pollution and other such routes. Consuming such chemicals on a daily basis obviously creates the perfect environment for kidney stones whereas distilled water, with its complete lack of additives does the opposite.

Drink 2 Litres of distilled water a day

glass of distilled waterDistilled water is absorbed a lot quicker into the bloodstream than any other kind of water including spring and filtered, simply because it contains nothing to slow it down. The benefit of this is the body’s inability to form crystals as the distilled water dilutes the concentrations of chemicals in there. In order to really see the benefit along with a string of other health benefits, the recommended daily amount is at least two litres of distilled water a day.

You should use distilled water for cooking too

For those who have never tried distilled water, you may find it tastes fresh in comparison to what comes out of your taps. You might also find it beneficial to cook with distilled water, as there will no longer be chemicals and toxins masking the flavours of your food. Your food will taste much fresher will a lack of absorbed additives such as fluoride and chlorine.

Our home water distillers are perfect for the home

Drinking distilled water needn’t be a huge change or inconvenience for yourself and your family. Here at Make Water Pure we offer home water distillers that fit perfectly on any kitchen worktop and the fact that they’re made from stainless steel means they look great too. Our quality made and affordably priced distillers offer families the chance to have distilled water at their finger tips every day of the week. Whilst some water distillers take anywhere up to six hours to make four litres of distilled water, our counter top water distillers take just three.

Create your own pure water

With just the flick of a single switch you could create four litres of distilled water in under three hours ready for your entire family to enjoy, safe in the knowledge you’re preventing any signs of kidney stones. To make things even easier we supply our home distillers in one handy package. We offer an entire system complete with a beautiful glass collection jug for just under £150 and with free delivery too, it means it’s virtually impossible to beat.

Buy a water distiller

Here at Make Water Pure we know the true benefits of drinking distilled water and the prevention of kidney stones is just one of those. With heightened energy levels, clearer skin and even better brain function, we’d say there’s never been a better reason to put the tap water to one side and allow distilled water to work its magic.