Distilled Water basic facts

Did you know we're made up of mostly water?

As the majority know, water is required by every single living organism in order to sustain life. The human body is made up of around 70% water with the brain alone almost 75%. Our desperate need for water is only emphasised when we look at the fact that the human body can go for weeks without food but without water, we last just a few days.

Is tap water safe to drink?

Don't drink tap waterMany now however, find themselves asking is tap water good enough? With the great number of chemicals and contaminants pumped into it everyday, is it safe? The simple answer to that is no but there is a way of making it safe and that’s through the use of a distiller. With a distiller from us here at Make Water Pure you can create all the distilled water you need for your entire family right there in your kitchen. So what is distilled water exactly?

What is distilled water?

Water DistillerDistilled water is water that’s been heated to the point of boiling. When water boils it turns to steam and begins to rise. Luckily for us however the contaminants and other such horrid additions in the tap water have a much higher boiling pint, which means when the water rises, the rest gets left behind. The steam then gets condensed back into liquid form and is pure, simple H2O. Distillation removes debris, solids, minerals, bacteria and everything else that isn’t needed in our water.

What are the benefits of drinking distilled water?

Woman drinking distilled water

Distilled water has amazing benefits for our body especially when it comes to our body tissue, its quality and ability along with resistance to disease is all linked to the quality and quantity of the water we drink.

Distilled water itself can act a lot like a magnet, picking up rejected and discarded minerals and other elements from our bodies that would otherwise build up. Drinking distilled water means your body no longer has to constantly try to process any inorganic waste.

Your body will function more efficiently, which can mean better absorption of key vitamins and minerals. Arthritic pain has also been known to diminish as the distilled water picks up minerals that have deposited themselves in cells, joints and artery walls. If you’d like to find out more about how distilled water can help you then take a look at our website where you’ll not only find a wealth of information but testimonials too.

Get started with your own Home Water Distiller Machine

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Here at Make Water Pure we know the benefits of drinking distilled water and the life changing results it can have. In order for this to be the case however it’s important to make distilled water a part of your every day life, which is where our water distillers work so well. They’re high quality, efficient machines that can make four litres of distilled water in as little as three hours, so If you’d like to find out more about our quality counter top water distillers then just click here.