The benefits of drinking distilled water

With the great debate about “fluoride in our tap water” becoming a bigger discussion topic than ever, it’s perhaps a good idea that we look at distilled water and the great benefits of drinking it? Firstly, it would be a good idea to address the most asked question surrounding this subject, what actually is distilled water?

Water in its purest form

Well distilled water is actually water in its purest form, water exactly how it was meant to be drunk. Back in the day before we stomped all the over the earth with our giant carbon foot print, the sun would beat down on the earth’s oceans. Steam would ultimately rise and form clouds, then as we all know, they would get heavy and rain down upon us. This water would be pure water, as the process of steaming the water would cause it to leave all the salt and impurities behind.

Tap water contains toxic levels of fluoride

Fast forward thousands of years and unfortunately because of the way we’ve evolved and the pollution we cause, the rain is now loaded with toxins and pollutants. What’s worse is that our tap water, the water we’re meant to consider safe to drink contains toxic levels of fluoride, a chemical associated with brain damage, thyroid problems and fertility issues to name just a few.

Make distilled water with a countertop water distiller

However, no need to fall into complete panic just yet, with a countertop water distiller you can effectively make distilled water at home, and go back to drinking healthy, harm free pure water. With a water distiller UK infiltration of our drinking water with the dreaded fluoride chemical can be completely reversed.

99.8% purity levels

The benefits to drinking distilled water are seemingly endless; with its 99.8% purity levels it means no longer flushing harmful chemicals through your body. Differences noted begin with promoting weight loss. This is perhaps because of the lack of fluoride which works against the iodine in our diets, ultimately preventing the thyroid from working correctly.

Removes inorganic minerals and other toxins

The purity of the water aids in removing inorganic minerals along with other toxins, which usually accumulate in bones and joints from your body. Has been known to alleviate Asthma, Allergy and Arthritis symptoms; however one thing to note, is fluoride, found in our tap water is also responsible for a condition known as Skeletal Fluorosis, which has similar symptoms to arthritis. So could in fact be the case that it doesn’t necessarily alleviate arthritis symptoms, rather prevents the onset of this fluoride induced bone disease.

Get your own water distillation system 

There really doesn’t seem a more perfect time to get your very own water distillation system now, does there? With pure water, you never need fear the harmful chemicals that come out of your taps at home, more importantly you can rest assured your children can start life happy and healthy drinking pure water, the way nature intended.