The perfect present for the ones you love this Christmas

The countdown began weeks ago but here we are, firmly into December and isn’t it an exciting time of year. It seems whether we’re religious or not, December 25th gets absolutely everybody excited and why not? Christmas really is a holiday like no other with its ability to bring families, friends and even distant acquaintances together. There’s no other time of year that really puts the emphasis on family and love. Health and wellbeing are also hugely emphasised with the New Year just around the corner giving people the time to think about new starts and resolutions. We want to eat better, live better and do better not just for ourselves but for our families too.

We think we have the perfect gift for you send

Perfect xmas gift water distillerNow with just over two weeks until the celebrations start, the majority have written their Christmas lists and of course their letters to the big man himself but why is it that in spite of so many desires and wishes now being made public, it’s our close friends and relatives that are still so difficult to buy for? This year, here at Make Water Pure we’re hoping to make things a whole lot easier for you. If you’re completely committed to caring for your loved ones as we are, (and we don’t just mean at Christmas) then we think we have the perfect gift for you. A gift that offers a multitude of health benefits for years to come.

Give a gift that protections against toxic chemicals

By giving your nearest and dearest a counter top water distiller from Make Water Pure this Christmas, you’re not just giving them a stainless steel kitchen device to create pure water. With a water distiller, you’ll be giving them unrivalled levels of protections against toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals like fluoride, chlorine and aluminium sulphate to name just a few from the never-ending list. Toxins and contaminants are becoming increasingly more common in our tap water, with the majority of them added for supposed health benefits. Sadly the majority are actually harmful to our health.

Show you care by giving a loved one a healthy gift this Christmas

Lets take a look at fluoride; originally added to our water supply to help reduce tooth decay and prevent cavities yet it has now been proven to be harmful toward our health. Already banned in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland because of its health dangers yet it’s still ever present in our water supply today here in the UK. Consuming fluoride on a daily basis as we do leaves us open to a number of dangers including reproductive problems and even brain damage. Direct studies carried out have shown fluoride to quite literally destroy the male reproductive system. There have also been studies carried out in high-fluoridatedareas that have shown increased rates of infertility amongst couples.

Buy a gift that can help protect a whole family from the dangers of consuming impure water

Christmas family with water distillerFluoride has even been listed in the top 100 chemicals that have the ability to interfere with functions within the brain. A study carried out on rats over the course of a year with them being fed on the same dose that we would receive on average through our tap water, showed changes to kidneys, brains and even the formation of beta-amyloid deposits. Beta-amyloid deposits are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Once we’ve seen results like this, it’s sadly no longer shocking to hear that fluoride also has a connection with a lowered IQ.

It’s such a strong connection in fact that the National Research Council deemed it significant enough to warrant further research into the effects of fluoride on intelligence. Add to this connections with early puberty in children, arthritis, thyroid problems, damaged bones and even heightened hip fractures in the elderly and the thought of consuming one more ounce of fluoride begins to frighten us. Fortunately there is a way to help your loved ones avoid anymore exposure to this dangerous substance as well as a number of other contaminants that we’d do best to avoid.

Ensure your love ones drink only the purest water

With the help of a counter top water distiller, your loved ones can have access to water in its purest form. Right there in their kitchen they’ll have a stylish stainless steel kitchen appliance that will give them four litres of 99.8% pure water in as little as three hours. Your gift will not only help that one relative take a step toward a healthy, problem free lifestyle but their whole family too.

Buy a Water Distiller

Our water distillers don’t just give peace of mind when it comes to health; they also help in and around the kitchen making food taste much fresher and helping appliances last longer. Instead of additives in the tap water masking the natural flavours, the food will instead taste exactly how it should. You might even find yourself shocked at the difference when you taste your vegetables. Steam appliances such as irons will also last a lot longer with the lack of build up in the machine. No more lime scale means no more clogging up of the appliances.

Purchase now in time for Christmas. 24hr dispatch

Here at Make Water Pure you can purchase quite possibly the best gift this Christmas for those you truly love; the gift of health and vitality, the gift of a long and happy life. Isn’t that what we all want for those special ones in our lives? You can purchase one of our water distillation systems for under £150 complete with free delivery in time for Christmas Day. If you’d like to find out more about our home water distillers then just click here. Wake up Christmas morning knowing you’re giving quite possibly the most thoughtful gift there is.