The truth about fluoride in tap water

With our bodies being made up of around 65-70% water, dependant on age, gender and fitness levels, it’s no wonder we’re constantly reminded to drink our eight glasses a day, and although hydrating is nothing but good for us, is hydrating with fluoride enhanced water such a good idea? And should we be using a water distiller instead?

Fluoride was unquestioned for a long time

Fluoride was added to our water in order to reduce tooth decay, however it doesn’t affect the appearance, smell or taste of our tap water. With its ability to help prevent cavities lying in its work around the tooth surface; creating low levels of fluoride within our mouths which in turn reduce the speed at which our enamel breaks down, its presence has for a long time been unquestioned. However, continuing studies have discovered fluoride in our tap water can be severely harmful to our health, in more ways than we could even imagine.

Fluoride plays havoc with our diets

Iodine, naturally occurring in a healthy, well rounded diet aids our thyroid by helping it to function properly, and a fully functional thyroid means a faster metabolism. This in turn means the average human keeping their weight at a healthy and manageable level. Unfortunately for us though the fluoride in our tap water plays absolute havoc with the iodine in our diets, by somewhat counteracting it.

Fluoride originally prescribed by doctors!

It does this so well in fact, that during the middle of the 20th century, Fluoride was actually prescribed by doctors to patients who suffered with an over active thyroid, slightly worrying you’ll no doubt agree. Especially when you read that the prescribed dose came out at around 2.3-4.5mg per day, compare this to our average daily exposure being around 1.6-6.6mg per day and alarm bells may start to ring. That home distiller is starting to sound like a better idea now isn’t it?

Doctor on fluoride

A study in 1945 reveals harmful bone disease

Unfortunately for the general public however, its harmful effects don’t stop there. A study in 1945 through to 1955 in Newburgh-Kingston also revealed a substantial increase in bone fractures in children that resided within fluoridated communities. Couple this with its ability to induce a harmful bone disease known as Skeletal Fluorosis, a bone and joint disease that’s often misdiagnosed as arthritis because of its similar symptoms and a case for removing fluoride from our tap water could easily be put forward.

Avoid fluoride in tap water with water distillation

Yet in spite of a huge amount of research into fluoride and its negative effects, it remains in our tap water all the same, however, it can now be avoided with the use of modern day water distillers. With an unbelievable ability to rid tap water of pollutants such as fluoride by using a steam distillation process, making it around 99.8% pure, purer than most bottled water, you never need worry about the harmful effects of fluoride in tap water again.