There are many uses for pure distilled water

When people think of distilled water, they usually associate it with drinking water. With many people now using water distillation equipment at home to rid the tap water they consume of harmful toxins such as fluoride and chlorine, it’s now suddenly become incredibly useful elsewhere, offering several other ways in which it can actually be used.

Household appliances

One of its most common uses aside from drinking water is within steam generated appliances. In appliances such as irons, clothes steamers, floor steam mops as well humidifiers; distilled water is often advised as the best thing to use. Because it lacks the impurities of normal tap water, it reduces the build-up of lime scale we so often see accumulate, which means our appliances at home are less likely to break down. Not only does it stop the hassle of taking time out of your day to replace them, it also saves money by having to replace them less often.

Distilled water reduces the build up of lime scale

Car and truck batteries

Another case in which Pure Distilled Water is advised, are car and truck batteries. With the lack of foreign ions which are commonly found in our supposedly safe tap water, the lifespan of the batteries has been known to increase. The same can be said for your engine’s cooling system as the minerals and ions found in non-distilled water has in some cases, been found to corrode the internal engine components, and can also rapidly deplete the anti-corrosion additives in our anti-freeze.


Did you know distilled water has been used to help with sleep apnea? Patients using CPAP machines are advised to use distilled water within the humidifiers to avoid inhaling the many impurities found in our tap water, and any other non-purified water. Frightening, especially when you consider the amount of people who unknowingly consume litres of regular tap water on a daily basis.

Cars and windows

Many find distilled water to be extremely useful when washing their cars and windows too. Used as part of the ‘final rinse’ on cars, and in window cleaners pumped systems to brush and rinse, it has found itself to be quite popular. Due to its lack of impurities it has the ability to rinse and then dry without leaving water marks or spots on surfaces, in some cases eradicating the time consuming ‘buffing’ stage.

Distilled water dries without leaving water marks or spots on surfaces

The benefits of a home distilled water system

As you can see, the benefits of having a DISTILLED WATER system to hand are plentiful. Gentle on your appliances and helpful with your window cleaning and car washing chores as well as medical machinery, add to this the amazing benefits when it comes to your health when you simply eradicate harmful toxins such as fluoride from your diet and it almost seems a little mad to carry on using regular tap water.