Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Distilled water is water that has been purified of all contaminants through the process of distillation. The process is quite simple and follows Mother Nature’s own way of processing water. By bringing water to the boil it is converted to steam. The steam flows through cooling tubes or a cooling chamber and condenses back into pure water.

This is different to just filtering water as the process of distilling removes all potentially harming organisms and chemicals. As you can imagine there are many benefits to drinking and using distilled water beyond just superficial smell and taste improvements. Here we take a look at the three major benefits of drinking distilled water from our home water distiller.

Removes contaminants

The most important of all health benefits that distilling water brings is the elimination of water borne contaminants. Drinking contaminated water is one of the fastest ways in which we, as a race, can spread disease and industrial pollutants. By removing the contaminants in question from the water via distillation we can help alleviate the risk of future illnesses and any form of toxic build up. 

Eliminating chemicals

The most common problem with drinking our public tap water is the added extras that come with it. Our tap water for instance contains chlorine, fluoride and aluminium sulphate to name just a few, all in the name of safe treatment of course. The addition of fluoride alone is a huge can of worms and perhaps one of the biggest scams committed in modern times.

Amongst several other issues, drinking too much fluoridated water can have severe adverse effects such as damage to bones, teeth and even our thyroid. Chlorine is harmful to our skin and can also be harmful to our internal organs. By distilling your water you’re essentially filtering these out and making your water pure.

Additive free

Many public water supplies can contain calcium and whilst calcium is essential for good health, too much can cause problems with kidney stones. For some people kidney stones can be a crippling and constant problem that distilled water can help alleviate. It also gives you the reins and allows you to be in sole charge of how and when you receive your vitamins and minerals.

There really is no substitute for distilled water and if you want access to it around the clock then a water distiller for the home is the best answer. Here at Make Water Pure we offer contemporary looking stainless steel water distillers that not only look great but work extremely fast too. Where many others provide four litres in four to five hours, our home water distiller does the job in just three. All for the great price of under £150 with free delivery. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.