Tony age 55 Distilled Water Testimonial

"First picture was taken on 6/26/2013 and I have already been drinking a gallon per day of distilled water for 6 months. The second picture was taken on 7/17/2014 and it is a year or so later from my first post.

As shown above with the face comparison photo, you be able to see the results that I have gotten to this point.

The third picture was also taken on 6/26/2013 and you can still see how grey may hair is. This journey has been a lot of fun and I am healthier now than I have been my entire life.

Drinking a gallon or more of distilled water has helped to remove the accumulated toxins over the years as well as switching to a uncooked raw organic vegan diet and a lot of juicing to help reverse the effects of aging."

Tony Distilled Water Testimonial 2