Trinity from Milton Keynes Distilled Water Testimonial"In 2008, after I starting consuming a processed artificial sweetener containing Aspartame (which is the by- product of the e.coli bacteria and has been linked to cancer and is banned is many country’s), I started experiencing an array of symptoms that were debilitating at times.

I was diagnosed as having IBS and Candida Albicans where I was suffering from food sensitivity’s, and become sensitive to light, sounds, chemicals and my entire body was achy and weak.

Desperate to regain my health, I tried a array of treatments, these included Homoeopathy, Pharmaceuticals drugs, Candida cleanse diet, Colonic irrigation, Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and many more with little or no positive effect.

Now that’s not saying these treatments don’t have healing benefits, and I’m not discrediting some people may experience great results, I can only share that for me, in the main, these treatments had side effects and little benefits.

I started drinking distilled water...

It was just 48 after I started drinking distilled water that I had lost 3lb in weight, as what commonly happens is the toxins in the body store as fluid, and as the distilled water draws all the inorganic minerals, the water retention drops.

My dermatitis on my hand, that the GP had prescribed steroid cream for while advising it was the only treatment that will cure it, was almost completely gone within four days.

My energy level increased and a sense of aliveness, well being and contentment is experienced which I am deep gratitude for every day. My IBS symptoms are everyday getting better and all round I am experiencing the ill effects in the body simply melting away."