Use our water distiller to help avoid the dangers of fluoride

Water fluoridation began as a controlled addition of fluoride to our public water supply. It was introduced as a means of helping to reduce tooth decay amongst the population of the UK. Fluoridated water has fluoride at a level that’s supposedly effective for preventing cavities by operating on the tooth surface. In the mouth it also apparently helps by creating low levels of fluoride in saliva that reduces the rate tooth enamel demineralises however this has not been proven and this isn’t all that fluoride does. Although it has been shown to help in some cases when it comes to tooth decay it also has far less loveable qualities that come with it. Qualities that will have you reaching for a water distiller quicker than you can read this article.

Fluoride in the body

Frightening as it might be, fluoride accumulates in the body. Healthy adult kidneys can excrete 50/60% of the stuff ingested each day but the remaining fluoride will accumulate in the body in and around the bones and pineal gland. The more frightening information comes when discussing children. Babies and children are only able to excrete around 20% and in turn absorb around 80% of all ingested fluoride into their bones.

Fluoride, arthritis and bone damage

It’s a plain and simple fact that fluoride damages bones. Fluoride trials have shown a two-fold increase in bone damage in children that live in fluoridated areas. There has also been a direct correlation between severity of dental fluorosis and bone fractures in children amongst fluoridated areas too. It’s also now been recognised as a cause of skeletal fluorosis, a fluoride induced bone disease that can mimic the signs and symptoms of arthritis.

Early puberty and fluoride

As noted above, studies have shown fluoride affects the pineal gland. It can reduce the amount of melatonin production, which then leads to an earlier onset of puberty. Studies have been carried out in the UK and the US, which have shown girls within a heavily fluoridated area to reach menstruation almost five months earlier than those in non-fluoridated areas.

Fluoride and the thyroid

Did you know that during the mid twentieth century fluoride was actually prescribed by a number of European doctors to help with over active thyroids? In most cases the patients were actually prescribed a lesser dosage than some of us actually receive via drinking water. Fluoride can play havoc with our thyroid function and is just another one of the many reasons to avoid it.

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