Using distilled water in the aquarium

Water is used in a number of ways every single day of our lives. If we aren’t drinking it, we’re bathing in it and if we aren’t bathing in it we’re using it in our kitchen appliances and even our car engines. We fill the dog bowls with water and we even fill our fish tanks. So whilst we’ve decided that only distilled water is good enough for us to drink and wash our hair in, what about our pets? Here we look at distilled water and the use of it within aquariums. We’ll look at not only the benefits of distilled water but also how easily you can make it.

Is your fishes water quality good enough?

One of the biggest concerns for the majority of fish keepers is the quality of the water. Is the water quality good enough for their fish? For the majority of us here in the UK we live in areas where mains water is not of the best standards. Pumped daily with fluoride, chlorine and aluminium sulphate to name a few as well as a number of other chemicals and contaminants that make their way into it of their own accord, it’s not surprising we worry. This can be hugely frustrating especially for those who keep fish as it seems no matter what we do, we’re fighting a losing battle. Whether we add water conditioners or perform numerous water changes on a regular basis we just can’t win, as impurities are added to the tank each and every single time we top up with our mains water.

Use a mixture of distilled water to fill your fish tank

Fortunately there is something that can be done to win the war on water quality in our fish tanks and it’s something that many are already turning to. Many fish keepers have now begun using another method of providing better water for their fish in the form of distilling their mains water. Whilst it can’t be used to fill the entire tank when you’re initially filling it, it can most certainly be used to top it up regularly. When filling the tank vital minerals are needed to replace the commercial water revitalisers for the fish and the plant life.

Some fish keepers and breeders however have found their perfect concoction to be that of mains water and distilled water. This allows them to adjust the hardness of the water, which in turn affects the buffering capacity of the water and also the PH levels too. On top of this, if you were to use more distilled water than mains you can add commercial salts to provide an even more balanced mix.

What exactly is distilled water?

For those who aren’t familiar with distilled water, you may be asking what it is exactly? Many confuse it with filtered water or even bottled and spring water but it’s much purer than all of these examples. Simply put, distilled water is regular water that’s been boiled. Water has a much lower boiling point than the contaminants and toxins within it, therefore when it boils and turns to steam it leaves behind the unwanted elements such as fluoride and chlorine.

The steam is usually collected elsewhere and cooled. When it cools it returns to a liquid state and it’s this water that is 99.8% pure, the purest water you’ll find. Distillation is quite simply Mother Nature’s own method for purifying water as she would our seas and lakes. Unfortunately you can’t step outside and collect the rainwater due to the amount of pollution in the air contaminating it again before it gets to us. You can however create your own distilled water and rather easily too.

Use a Water Distiller to produce your own Distilled Water

As mentioned above the basic process involves boiling water and collecting the steam in a separate container. Whilst many will attempt to do this themselves, all in the name of saving a few pennies, it can prove not only difficult for one pair of hands but also extremely time consuming. You can however make things much easier on yourself and still keep costs to a minimum with the help of a counter top water distiller. Here at Make Water Pure we offer quality and affordable water distillers for the home that will make any kitchen complete.

Our stainless steel water distillers are priced to make them affordable for any home with an entire system available at just under £150. For £149 you can have a water distiller capable of providing four litres of water in as little as three hours, a glass collection jug to contain it all and a years warranty. You’ll also receive free delivery to anywhere in the UK too. This means you could provide enough distilled water for multiple fish tanks in your home along with enough for your family to drink each day and all with the flick of one switch.

Key Points

There are a few key points to remember should you choose to improve your water quality with distilled water.

  • Never use distilled water to fill the entire tank. You can however use it to top up the water.
  • It’s important to aerate the water a little before you put it in and raise the oxygen level somewhat. You can do this by leaving it in a suitable container that will allow a gaseous exchange.
  • When storing your distilled water make sure you don’t leave it in a metallic container. Over time the metallic container will start to leach substances back into the water. 

If you’d like more information on our water distillers here at Make Water Pure along with their other benefits besides those related to fish tanks then contact us.