Distilled WAter Benefits

Did you know that our bodies contain nineteen different essential minerals that must be continuously replenished in order to keep it strong and at optimum health? Sadly, the majority of people fail to realise that our bodies can only use organic minerals effectively. Inorganic minerals are simply not absorbed or utilised and remain in the body. This accumulation of inorganic minerals results in arthritis, hardening of the arteries and even stones.

Plants however do have the ability to use inorganic minerals, as they are able to convert them into the correct form that our bodies can assimilate. Plants, and other animals, are therefore the correct source of minerals. Calcium is probably the best example of this. When it’s consumed as a bone meal i.e. the ground bones of other animals, it can be readily absorbed. Consumed as dolomite however, where it comes from the earth and it can’t be absorbed.

Did you know Our bodies are around 70% water?

Our bodies are around 70% water and our blood is 99% water. In fact every cell in our body is bathed in somewhat of a chemical soup that’s primarily water. It should therefore come as no shock when we say that the quality of that water be the very highest possible. Water is H2O and that’s it, however when it comes to the water that flows from our taps, it’s a different story altogether.

Unfortunately it has absorbed the inorganic minerals that are contained in the rocks and soil it’s flowed through on its way to the tap along with every single contaminant that’s been added. Many still believe we need these minerals but that’s not so, as our food supply is the proper source.

The most ideal source of water is the water that’s contained within the juice of vegetables and fruits simply because nature has already distilled it and it contains minerals in a form that we can use. Sadly the majority of fruit and vegetables that we eat aren’t organically raised and are therefore, much like our tap water, contaminated themselves. Despite this the water found in fruits and vegetables is still far superior to that which comes out of our taps.

Rainwater is distilled water

Rainwater used to be a great source of pure distilled water however our atmosphere now is so polluted that our rainwater is now just as bad. This leaves us with just one alternative and that’s to distil our own water. We could always buy distilled water however that works out very expensive indeed, not to mention the added pressure it puts on the environment in terms of the plastic bottles it’s packaged in.

Make your own distilled water with a Water Distiller

The best option is a home water distiller. Many make the mistake of thinking that a filter provides pure water but this simply isn’t the case. It provides filtered water, which removes the odour however it doesn’t eliminate the bacteria or viruses. It also leaves chlorine, fluoride and inorganic materials in the water for us to consume. Eliminating the calcium through distillation however will make our water much softer. A baby’s rash will also disappear if distilled water is used to bath them. Spots on fabrics can easily be washed out and won’t leave behind a ring if done in distilled water and by introducing it slowly into a fish tank, the tank will remain clean.

Tap water can be dangerous

Unfortunately despite the huge amount of research showing the benefits of distilled water, the majority of the world still insists on drinking water from their taps. This is a sad state of affairs indeed especially when you consider there are over twelve thousand chemicals on the market today and regardless of where you live, those chemicals are making their way into your drinking water.

No one on earth truly knows just how these chemicals will interact with each other or the medicines we take. Considering our bodies are made up of 70% water, surely we should be realising by now just how important the purity of our water really is? When it comes to health care, prevention is indeed the keyword and simply put, you can’t drink polluted water over a number of years without paying the price for it.

Distilled water is absorbed straight into the blood with many benefits to that

When used as a daily drink, distilled water is absorbed straight into the blood and like a solvent will remove already existing salts in the blood, prevent any unnecessary deposits in various organs and help eliminate earthy compounds that have already accumulated in the body.

Distilled water purifies your blood and can dilute toxins to help eleminate undesirables

There is simply no doubt surrounding the real value of distilled water when used freely. Not only is it a fantastic blood purifier but it can dilute toxins and help eliminate any undesirables through the kidneys. Distilled water is so beneficial in fact that it can even be used for cooking and baking as well as drinking. Some even use it within their steam appliances at home as it prevents any limescale build up resulting in cleaner tools and a much longer life span.

The benefits in terms of water distillers it would seem are endless. Not only can they offer real positive effects towards our own health but they can even help us serve better tasting food, clear our skin and offer our home appliances a longer life. Having distilled water readily available at home is the best possible option and it’s one that can be done with relative ease and little expense. 

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