What is Distilled Water And what can it be used for

You’ve no doubt heard about distilled water but do you know the details. Do you know what it is and just what it can do for you? Here at Make Water Pure, one of the leading water distiller manufacturers here in the UK we have been supplying quality stainless steel water distillers across the length and breadth of the country but in spite of our best efforts there are still a considerable amount of people who simply don’t know enough about distilled water to make an informed decision.

Here we’re going to tell you exactly what it is, the health benefits you can expect to see and the countless other advantages to having a water distiller in the home. 

What is distilled water?

Some people think distilled water is just the stuff you put into your iron and technically they wouldn’t be wrong. Distilled water is indeed amazing when it comes to preventing a mineral build up. Preventing the horrid lime scale we all dread with our steam appliances, it’s considered quite the god send but that isn’t the only use for it. There are a number of people out there that associate distilled water with water of the purest form, free from contaminants and toxins. Water that’s clean and safe to drink, without the worry of clogging the body full of unwanted chemicals. Distilled water is, in no uncertain terms a versatile liquid that just so happens to be perfect for drinking, cooking and other such household needs but the question is, what makes it so pure? 

Having gone through a rather long and drawn out purification process known as distillation, distilled water is quite likely the purest form of water available to us now at around 99.8% pure. The process itself entails the water boiling until it creates steam. During the process we are essentially boiling the contaminants out of it simply because water happens to have a much lower boiling point than the toxins it contains. This means that when the water turns to steam and rises it leaves behind the contaminants, toxins and other such undesirables that haven’t reached their boiling points. The steam collects in a clean chamber and subsequently cools, turning back into a liquid state leaving you with nothing but pure and simple H2O.

Health benefits

So why is it so important that we rid our drinking water of the pollutants that have been running amuck for so long? Since birth we’ve been drinking water from the tap oblivious to what’s in it, so why change now? Well aside from the new clean and crisp taste you’ll no doubt experience,there’s also the countless health benefits like ridding our bodies of fluoride, a hugely harmful contaminant that can damage our bones and teeth. You might also notice the sudden ability to lose those last stubborn pounds as the lack of fluoride allows our thyroid to work normally again.

You’ll be pleased to know that you’re no longer consuming carcinogens in the form of chlorine or allowing the “silent killer” that is aluminium sulphate to build up in your bones and brain. As a result you’ll notice heightened brain power, an increase in energy, much clearer skin, better digestion, an improved immune system and even a reduction in arthritic symptoms.

Other household uses

Distilled water as we mentioned before has many other uses besides drinking water and here are just a few of them. 

  • Steam appliances – distilled water has often been favoured for steam appliances at home such as irons and steam mops simply because it prevents the build up of lime scale. This means that not only do we avoid the horrid mess that can inevitably spurt from them when they’ve finally built up too much but our appliances will begin to last a lot longer saving us a lot of money in the long run.
  • Motor vehicles – just another way in which distilled water can benefit us is when we use it in car cooling systems. The minerals and ions usually found in our tap water can actually corrode the internal engine parts, leading many to wonder what it can do to our internal organs. Distilled water can also be used to top up car batteries too.
  • Cleaning – distilled water is a great cleaning product when it comes to cleaning computer screens, TV screens and any form of glass or shiny surface. This is simply because it wont leave any water marks which means you can clean perfectly without leaving a trace.
  • Cooking – you may find that once you have a water distiller in your home that your kitchen will be the main one to benefit. When used in cooking, distilled water improves the taste of so many different foods. This is down to the fact that the water is so pure, meaning there are no hidden contaminants waiting to mask the food’s natural flavour. You’ll find that your favourite foods and their flavours are even more enhanced. Your favourite herbs and spices may be more explicit too.
  • Create fresh water anywhere – in coastal regions many find they’re able to create fresh water from seawater but this is actually the case when it comes to any water source whether it’s a river, lake or wastewater. Never be without fresh and clean drinking water again. 

If after reading this you’ve finally realised just how beneficial it would be to have your very own water distiller at home then simply contact us today. Here at Make Water Pure, we’re the UK’s leading water distiller manufacturers for a reason; supplying quality, long lasting and efficient water distillers for amazing prices.