Jenni Essex Distilled Water Review

My name’s Jenni, I’m 29 from Essex and have been drinking distilled water for the past six months. Water has always been a big part of my life. Not only do I work out a lot and therefore have to replenish my water levels, but my job is very physical and puts me in conditions with high temperatures which means, once again, I’m consuming lots of water and ensuring I’m never dehydrated.

I now consume 3.5 litres a day of distilled water

I’ve been drinking distilled water for the last six months. The past two months is where I’ve really upped my intake and have been consuming three and a half litres a day. I first found out about distilled water through a little research on the Internet. I was 28 years old and still suffering from acne. Not only was this incredibly embarrassing but it was just becoming a pain. My confidence had hit rock bottom and I was struggling to get the courage to go out anymore.

After surfing the net one evening, I found an article discussing the issues associated with fluoride. This article led me to another two and they led me to another five. It just seemed to snow ball from there. Up until then I’d only heard of fluoride in your toothpaste. I didn’t have a single clue that the water I poured into my glass from my kitchen tap was actually purposely filled with the stuff, let alone the hundreds, maybe even thousands of other chemicals that are pumped straight into our water supply. I’ve always been of the thinking that if it’s written down in black and white then it has to be true but with the Internet, I sometimes need a little more convincing. That’s when I discovered Make Water Pure and actually began reading the testimonials from other people that had tried switching to distilled water. You’d think that would be enough for me but it wasn’t until I filled a bowl with hot water that I actually noticed the clouding and the mist that was in it. That was all it took and I was on the Make Water Pure website ordering my water distiller. I opted for the stainless steel one with the glass collection jug as it matched my kettle and toaster. It arrived really quick and just as they said, took no installation. All I had to do was plug it in and it was pretty much ready to go. I gave the machine two practice cycles to ensure that everything was all cleared out and ready to go before I began drinking but when I did, I can’t even explain just how clear and crisp that water was. I was quite taken aback.

At first I find it hard to consume a large amount of distilled water

The first couple of weeks were harder than I thought, purely down to the amount that’s recommended to you i.e. four litres. When I first started it just wasn’t happening. I’d consume my usual two litres of water and my body would pretty much tell me I was full but gradually, over time I’ve begun to increase it. That’s not down to me however. I don’t like to force my body to do something it doesn’t feel comfortable with so I’ve just left it up to my body to tell me when it wants more. As mentioned previously, I’m now up to three and a half litres a day but that’s once again increasing. I don’t think it’ll be long until I’m consuming four litres a day with ease.

I’ve noticed some big changes such as weight loss

Not only am I enjoying drinking distilled water but I’ve noticed some big changes; some I didn’t even expect. For starters, I’ve actually lost weight. I do exercise, always have and always will but the rate at which my body fat was dropping definitely increased as soon as I begun drinking distilled water. This is a big thing for me especially as it means I’m getting closer to my pre-baby body, which as any mum knows, can often seem like an impossibility.

The next big change I noticed was an increase in energy. I lead a pretty busy life, looking after my daughter, working, walking the dogs, making time for my family and friends. It does eventually take its toll on you and I think I was at that point. I was constantly tired and felt like I just couldn’t keep up. Just a few days on distilled water and this seemed to change. I suddenly had energy and felt like I could get through the day without taking a quick disco nap. Not only did I now not need to nap when my daughter did but it meant I could get more things done. I became more efficient and a lot less moody due to tiredness, suffice to say, I think my husband has definitely liked this improvement the most.

Drinking distilled water has really helped with my skin

I’ve left talking about my skin to the last I think mostly because it was my real big issue. As I mentioned previously, being 28 years old and still having to deal with acne was just a nightmare. I felt like an embarrassed teenager most of the time. Pregnancy made my skin even worse than what it already was but after I’d given birth it just remained. Nothing subsided like you get told. My inflamed, pimply skin remained as it was and I felt absolutely hideous. As a teen, I suffered with acne in a big way and was sent to dermatologist after dermatologist. Each one tried me on a different potion or pill and the closest I came to clear skin was probably after I’d been taking a pill called Dianette. It wasn’t until six months later I was warned of the severely high cancer risks that I was immediately taken off them and my skin problem returned…with vengeance. Just four weeks into drinking distilled water and distilled water alone (no fizzy drinks, juice or alcohol), I began noticing that my pimples seemed far less angry. The red, inflamed appearance had disappeared. I had pimples for sure but far less extreme than they once were. From this point onward, things began to just get better and better. Now six months into drinking distilled water and my skin is completely clear. Not only that, but I no longer suffer from dry flaky patches or an over oily t-zone. My skin has completely settled and as a result, I feel amazing. My confidence is back and better than before. I cannot recommend distilled water enough.

I hope this has helped, especially for those wondering whether or not to give it a try. All I can say is you certainly won’t regret it.