Water distillers and detox

Water is life, quite simply proven by the fact that we can only survive a short while in the absence of it. Our blood for example is composed of around 83% water with other bodily organs being comprised of both higher and lower percentages of water by volume.

Our survival has an awful lot to do with water and its ability to absorb and transport nutrients through the body. Not only does it transport the nutrients to all parts of the body but it also removes waste and toxins too. The obvious issue we now have is the fact that our regular tap water is pumped full of chemicals and toxins in an attempt to keep it “clean” so when we’re on a detox what should we do? Here we look at Water distillers and detox.

The benefits of a water distiller

For a start distilled water contains no contaminants or impurities. The process of distilling water kills nearly all organic impurities such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It also helps separate debris, minerals and things like heavy metals as well.

Chlorine & Fluoride pumped into our drinking water

Distilled water is also free from chemicals. The two most common chemicals that are found in our tap water are chlorine and fluoride. Chlorine is pumped into our drinking water as a disinfectant to kill the harmful microorganisms and fluoride is added to help with the tooth decay of the country. Although they may initially seem to be beneficial to us, studies have actually shown otherwise. Fluoride has been proven to lead to discolouration of children’s permanent teeth as well as cause bone fluorosis, a bone disease that mimics the signs and symptoms of arthritis. Chlorine, despite carrying disinfectant properties, has been linked to a large increase in cancer.

False claims regarding distilled water

Some individuals have tried to claim that distilled water can actually leech minerals and other such nutrients from people’s bodies but in reality it’s not true. Although it can’t leech minerals that you need from your tissue it does very much act like a magnet to attract minerals that can’t be used by your body. This includes all excess minerals and waste that would otherwise build up and clog your body. 

Get your own water distiller for under £150

As mentioned before drinking regular water that contains chemicals and impurities is actually counterproductive and rather backwards when you’re trying to do the opposite during a detox. When you’re trying to clear your body of such things the best you can do is drink distilled water. It doesn’t just have to be during a detox however as distilled water can actually provide a healthy long-term lifestyle choice. If you’d like to begin introducing distilled water into your life then take a look at our water distillers we have on offer here at Make Water Pure. You could be enjoying all the benefits distilled water has to offer all for under £150.