Water Distillers

First and foremost let’s explain what distilled water actually is. Quite simply put, distilled water is water in its purest form. Water DISTILLERS from Make Water Pure use the same method Mother Nature would for purifying the water, making it completely natural. We’ve all heard about it in science class but here’s a quick breakdown for those who haven’t seen inside a classroom for a while.

The sun heats the water in the ocean causing steam to rise, as the steam rises all the salt and impurities are left behind. The steam rises to form clouds and as more does the clouds become heavy this then eventually turns to rain. The rain is distilled water, however before you step outside and start to collect it you’ll need to know that because of all the modern day pollution we have created, our rain water is no longer pure by the time it reaches us. This is why water distillers in the UK, such as ours, are becoming so popular.

Why is distilled water better for us?

So why exactly is distilled water better for us? Well, as we all know our body is made up of between 60-70% water. This only goes to show just how much water we actually need; highlighting the fact that water is paramount to our existence. Tap water is obviously readily available and plentiful but is it really good for us? The government unfortunately have made our tap water contaminated. Filled with fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals amongst other toxins, whenever we consume it we continue to fill our body with the impurities.

Distilled water on the other hand is completely free of these and is actually great at helping to flush any existing build up of fluoride and other such chemicals from our bodies. You’ll inevitably feel lighter and have a lot more energy but these aren’t the only benefits to be had when you begin using one of the WATER distillers sold by us at Make Water Pure.

Benefits of drinking pure water made with a water distiller

The other benefits you may see could include anything from sharpened mental performance as your brain begins to function better along with a much healthier skin appearance. It may also promote fat loss due to the lack of fluoride no longer playing havoc with your thyroid and you may even find headaches and dizzy spells begin to decrease or in some cases completely vanish altogether. You could see some asthmatic and arthritic symptoms alleviate. This can be due to your arthritic symptoms actually being a result of bone fluorosis (a fluoride induced bone condition), which mimics the symptoms of arthritis.

To take your first step towards better health with one of our Water Distillers, then order now.