Joanna Distilled Water Review

Joanna, 33, Brentwood Essex

 Before I get started, I think I’d like to explain that my testimonial will probably be a little different to the usual ones. While most people will be discussing how much distilled water improved their lives, I’d like to explain just how detrimental it was when I stopped drinking distilled water. My name’s Joanna, I’m 33 (well in August anyway) and I live in Brentwood, Essex. I had been drinking distilled water for well over a year and the benefits I saw were huge.

My skin, for the entire time that I was drinking it, looked fantastic. I can’t even begin to tell you just how little make up I had to wear for the simple fact, my skin was so clear. I lost weight when I first began drinking it and it stayed off too. I even felt a lot healthier and far more energetic than usual too. It suddenly became second nature however, as with a lot of new changes in life, the slightest hiccup in your daily routine can seem to turn everything on it’s head. 

Changes to my energy levels, skin and everything else just got put down to pregnancy

When I fell pregnant, things just seemed harder and I’m ashamed to admit it but I just decided to give the distilled water a rest for a while. Sadly, changes to my energy levels, changes to my skin and everything else for that matter just got put down to pregnancy. My spots were simply because I was pregnant, my tiredness all because I was tired and that was pretty much the case for most of my pregnancy.

That was until I started going to classes and talking to other pregnant women. Suddenly my “symptoms” of pregnancy seemed to be a little more exaggerated than every one else’s. While others were feeling a little bit more normal in terms of energy and overall health, I still felt shattered. My skin was dry and flaky yet I still suffered from spots along my T-Zone. Why I didn’t put two and two together I have no idea. Instead I carried on as normal, accepting the way things were. I figured once I’d had my baby, I’d feel “normal” again but that just wasn’t the case at all. 

 I’d been drinking my heavily fluoridated tap water since I became pregnant

When I’d had my son, if anything, I felt a lot worse. Getting used to being a mum as well as getting over the surgery I had to endure after having him just rendered me even less enthusiastic about doing anything that wasn’t a necessity. My water distiller gathered dust and I felt worse and worse by the day. It wasn’t until my husband asked me if he should put my water distiller on eBay that it finally clicked.

I’d been drinking my heavily fluoridated tap water since I became pregnant. Instead of giving my body the pure water it needed, I was giving it contaminated water, in effect, making it even harder to function. I was like pumping diesel into a petrol car. Why was I doing it to myself. 

The difference I noticed after drinking distilled water again was almost instant

From that moment I jumped straight back into using my water distiller every single day and the difference I noticed in myself was almost instant. My energy levels began returning back to normal, to the point where I seemed to have more than my other mum friends. I also felt a lot fresher in the morning instead of still feeling dehydrated as I usually did.

These instant differences were enough to egg me on to keep it up but after just a couple of days, I got back into filling my water distiller of an evening and switching it on. That was all it took and I would wake to four litres of pure distilled water every single morning. They say you have muscle memory but I wonder if you have drinking memory because only after a week or so, I was suddenly back to drinking two and a half litres of distilled water a day. 

Drinking tap water meant I was indirectly feeding him fluoride and chlorine amongst others

After about a month and a half, my skin started to become clearer too. This really gave me a boost in confidence. Something that did surprise me was the difference I noticed in my son. I breast feed and as a result, he takes in all the contaminants and toxins that I do. Drinking tap water meant I was indirectly feeding him fluoride and chlorine amongst others. As a newborn he was unsettled and at times, inconsolable. Now however, he’s like a different child and I’m putting that all down to feeding him pure water.

Not only is it good for me, helping my body to create the milk he needs more efficiently, but it’s also making it with pure ingredients to begin with too. As I only drink two and a half litres of water a day (only – ha!) it means I’m left with another litre and a half to use for the rest of the day. I know some use it in their irons but I use it in my steam mop and my kettle. Using the distilled water in my steam mop means no more water marks either – win win!  

I’ll make sure I stick with distilled water every single time! 

I literally can’t recommend distilled water enough. I’ve seen just what my body goes through when I begin drinking contaminated water again and I’ve now seen just how my body perks up and how it feels when I re-introduce pure water. I would never go back. If I go through another stressful time in my life, such as pregnancy, I’ll make sure I stick with distilled water every single time!