What is pure distilled water

Water, water everywhere, especially recently after what was deemed the wettest winter on record. When it comes to water, our planet is swamped with the stuff. It makes up our seas, rivers and streams. We use it to bath, wash ourselves, wash our things, swim in and more importantly drink.

Many of us rely on tap water

Told constantly that we don’t drink enough, with our bodies often suffering from the lack of good old H2O, we do every so often give ourselves a talking to and try to “be healthy” and drink more water. When we do this, the majority reach for the tap in the kitchen and fill up a glass. Yet with the known contaminates and toxins floating around in our tap water; fluoride being one of them, is it really that healthy? Probably not.

Think tap water is pure? Think again!

Make your own pure water through water distillation

But now we can, using at home WATER DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT, change that around and actually give ourselves and our family’s safe and healthy water to drink. So what is water distillation equipment and what does it do? Well, it’s a system designed to get water to its purest form possible, around 99%. It works by essentially boiling the water and collecting the condensation, it sounds simple and can be, however in order to successfully purify the water, it needs to be carried out at a very specific temperature.

Water has a lower boiling point than most contaminants

Water boils at a much lower temperature than most contaminants, bacteria and other such horrid ingredients that we’d rather not consume, so it works by boiling the water at its lowest possible temperature, the water vapour rises into a condensing coil where it then turns back into liquid. And the beauty is all this happens at a low enough heat before the toxins and other such unwanted ingredients are able to follow suit, leaving them behind away from your drinking water.

The distillation process is mother natures own way of purifying water

Sounds genius doesn’t it, well actually it might surprise you that this process has occurred since the world was created, and quite possibly happens on a daily basis around your kitchen. Water is heated up from the oceans and our streams, steaming, the vapour rises to eventually form clouds, and it’s the clouds that are made up of distilled water. It’s simply because of the pollution in the world today that means by the time it rains and reaches us, it’s been contaminated again.

Water distillation mother nature cycle

Use an at-home distilled water system to make pure water

Likewise in your kitchen, when you’re boiling something on the hob and the steam rises to form droplets on the walls and cooker hood, that’s pure distilled water. Now unfortunately, when it’s on our walls it’s a little difficult to collect, so that’s why so many are now using an at-home distilled water system. Usually in a conveniently sized machine, much like a regular coffee machine, it can sit on your kitchen worktop and make pure water available to you whenever you want, it’s that simple. Avoid the fluoride and keep yourself healthy with an at-home water distiller.