Why choose distilled water over tap water?

Many families, after much discussion over the claims of the harm fluoride in tap water can do, have found themselves surfing the net, looking for a water distiller for sale, but deep down, they’re perhaps still not sure what exactly they stand to gain from choosing distilled water over regular, run of the mill tap water.

Tap water causes us to consume harmful amounts of fluoride

After all, they’ve been drinking it all their life and they feel fine right? What if you were told that drinking tap water meant you could be consuming quite harmful amounts of fluoride on a daily basis? Originally we were told it was put into our drinking water because of its ‘amazing abilities’ when it comes to helping prevent the onset of tooth decay, it has unfortunately got other side effects which aren’t so helpful.

This leads to an increase in the damage to bones

A study in Newburgh-Kingston from 1945-1955 showed that there was a large increase in the damage to bones for people who lived in high fluoridated communities, and in Mexico in 2001 a similar study showed a direct correlation between dental fluorosis and those who resided in fluoridated areas.

Skeletal Fluorosis caused by fluoride from our tap water

Frightening findings, especially when it’s revealed that high exposure to fluoride can also cause a condition called Skeletal Fluorosis, one that often mimics the symptoms of arthritis. It has such an effect that even now, people are advised when bottle feeding babies to feed them with non-fluoridated or at the very least, low fluoride water to avoid a somewhat inevitable dental fluorosis in adult life.

Our body struggles to clean out the fluoride consumed via tap water

As great as our bodies are, even to the point of absolute astonishment at our own amazing capabilities when it comes to getting rid of toxins and repairing itself, our ability to completely rid our bodies of fluoride isn’t too great. With the average adult only being able to flush out around 50-60% of the fluoride consumed on a daily basis, means a slow build-up accumulating around our bones, even worse are the figures for children. At an astonishingly poor 20%, their small bodies begin to store 4/5ths of the harmful chemical they consume from the day we start feeding it to them.

Fluoride side effects

Distilled water contains NO FLUORIDE or other harmful chemicals

The beauty of Water Distillers for home use is that you can rid your family of these unnecessary dangers. Using the steam distillation process, a water distiller will rid your drinking water of all harmful chemicals, including the dreaded fluoride, and allow you to drink water in its absolute purest form, the way nature intended. When it comes to our health only the best is good enough, so only the best water distiller will do.

Distilled water helps with weight loss, increasing energy and better skin

Ridding you of the daily doses of fluoride, along with numerous other harmful chemicals such as chlorine, the health benefits are reported to be magnificent. With some suggesting minor weight loss, increased energy and better skin, as well as claims that it has helped to rid them of arthritic and asthmatic symptoms.

Live healthy by drinking distilled water