Home water distillers

Distilled water is in our opinion the best water you can drink when it comes to preventing kidney stones. Here at Make Water Pure, the UK’s leading supplier of home water distillers we’ve learnt an incredible amount from research as well as personal experience. In case you weren’t aware distilled water is the purest water you can drink coming out at around 99.8% pure in fact. It’s essentially just pure H20 with no heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides or microorganisms. This can help with numerous ailments from acne to kidney stones.

Help prevent kidney stones with distilled water

Lets use Kidney stones as an example and take a look at some of the primary causes of them. These can range from high urinary concentration of sodium, oxalate, uric acid or calcium. Now distilled water is absorbed into our bloodstream a lot quicker than our regular tap water and this is simply because it contains no minerals that will slow the absorption process down. The faster you dilute the concentrations of the above chemicals then the better your body would be at preventing crystals forming.

Add lemons or limes to add some flavour to your distilled water

Some find drinking water alone difficult but for this we suggest adding lemon and lime, or even a little concentrated squash to give it some flavour but a home water distiller from us isn’t just for drinking water. It provides many other uses too such as for cooking, home appliances and even washing your hair. When you cook with distilled water you’ll often find your food tastes a lot better as there aren’t any chemicals and toxins covering the fresh vibrant flavours.

It will also help extend the life span of your kitchen appliances by keeping their inner workings clear from lime scale. When it comes to our hair, many find washing their hair in hard tap water only leaves it lank and unmanageable, causing dry and broken hair. The complete opposite can be said for using distilled water as it simply washes all chemicals out of the hair and rinses away leaving nothing. It even allows your shampoos and conditioners to work how they should instead of reacting with the active ingredients as tap water often does.

Home Water Distillers from Make Water Pure

If you’d like to take a huge step towards better health and a happier you then take a look at the fantastic home water distillers we offer here at Make Water Pure. Stainless Steel water distillers that fit perfectly on any worktop with the ability to create four litres of distilled water in as little as three hours.

What’s more you can purchase an entire system for under £150 with free delivery and a years warranty too. If you refer a friend you’ll receive £20, which you could always spend on another four-litre glass collection jug that would let you make another four litres of pure distilled water while you and your family are enjoying the batch you’ve already made.