Why you need one of our water distillers for sale

If you aren’t drinking the pure distilled water from our quality water distillers for sale then your water doesn’t even come close to being pure and healthy. People who simply don’t know just how pure distilled water can be might have the false impression that tap water, bottled water and even water produced by filters is actually pure but this isn’t the case.

Even bottled water is often just filtered tap water

Bottled water is often just filtered tap waterUnfortunately our supposedly safe tap water is actually loaded with many different types of suspended pollutants and othercontaminants. Bottled water, despite claims, is usually just plain tap water that’s been filtered to get rid of the bad odour and taste and home filtered water is far from pure too. Only pure distilled water, made from a water distiller such as ours could ever be labelled pure.


Watch the story of bottled water video

This short film explores bottled water and reveals that in most cases bottled water is no better than tap water.

Only water distillation can truely purify drinking water

Water distillers have been proven to eliminate more contaminants than water filters or any type of water purification system. This is because many microscopic contaminants can actually make it through common water filters and water purifiers. This means that despite the purifying process, your water remains filled with unwanted elements. Something that most seem to forget is that when filters become clogged and neglected they can also turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and if this happens, your so-called pure water can actually be even more dangerous for you than before.

Distilled Water vs Filtered Water vs Bottled - "The Truth" The Journey of Water Documentary

Go natural with natures own hydrologic cycle

hydrologic cycleAs we evolve further we’re starting to realise that anything processed is bad for us. Stepping back in time and leaning toward the natural side of things in life means our health and wellbeing get looked after. This is yet another reason to step toward distillation. Our distillers for sale use the same process that Mother Nature herself uses in the hydrologic cycle to purify the water. Just as rain is created by the evaporation of seas, followed by condensation to liquid, our distillers produce rain in a chamber.


Drink the water that nature intended

The water is boiled and turns to steam, the steam is then collected in a separate chamber where it condenses back into a liquid state. All contaminants and toxins, including viruses, bacteria and fluoride are left behind due to their boiling temperatures being much higher than water. You can even see the physical evidence of what was in your water as you pour it all away down the drain. The result is pure and simple 99.8% pure water, just the way nature intended it to be.

Add a water distiller to your home and start drinking pure water

Water DistillerIf you’d like to put a stop to the amount of harmful toxins and bacteria that enter your body then take a look at the distillers for sale we have here at Make Water Pure. We supply distillers of the very best quality and ability.

Strong, long lasting reliable distillers that can produce four litres of water in three hours all for under £150. You’ll find it very difficult to beat especially when you add on our free delivery.