Your tap water is contaminated! Prepared with a water distiller?

Water contamination is a frightening thing and can happen at absolutely anytime, anywhere. There are numerous examples across the world, the latest being the recent floods that swept the UK leaving many with contaminated tap water. Unable to drink, shower or even brush their teeth. It doesn’t just have to be down to extreme weather either. Incidents causing contaminated water can occur from chemical spillages that simply can’t be contained. It’s in times like this where only a water distiller will do.

Boiling water does not make it safe

Many believe that if water contamination were to occur then simple boiling would be sufficient but this sadly isn’t true as the chemical or toxin would remain in the water for you to inevitably consume. Using one of our water distillers from Make Water Pure on the other hand would be the safest method of making contaminated water drinkable again. The chemical methylcyclohexane methanol (used to wash coal of impurities) for example has a boiling point of 202 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than the boiling point of water at 100 degrees Celsius. We could conjecture then that it would remain in the boiling tank during the distillation process instead of travelling with the steam and condensing back into the drinking water. As it’s an organic compound the carbon filter we offer will also help with the removal too.

We consume chemicals and toxins via our tap water on a daily basis

Even without sudden contamination from extreme weather or a chemical spill, we’re still forced to consume chemicals and toxins via our tap water on a daily basis. Pumped continuously with fluoride, chlorine and numerous other heavy metals and harmful substances, it would seem our water may already be doing more harm than good. With fluoride being linked to thyroid problems and bone disease as well as some of the other added substances having links to a quick onset of Alzheimers and general ill health, surely we must ask ourselves do we need to begin using a water distiller now?

Benefits of using a Water Distiller

Here at Make Water Pure we know the benefits that come with the regular use of a water distiller. With it’s lack of chemicals and toxins, you’re essentially helping to flush your body out of a build up of the toxins it already contains as well preventing any further build up. This will inevitably give you a huge boost in energy as well as clearer skin and sharper mental performance. It may even promote weight loss due to your thyroid being allowed to work at full capacity through the lack of fluoride interfering.

If you’d like to make sure your family and household are prepared should water contamination affect your home then we can help at Make Water Pure. For under £150 we can provide you with an entire water distiller system that will provide you with four litres of the purest water in less than three hours. No longer will you have to worry about the harmful substances in your water or the health of your family.