Residue Cleaning Powder for Water distillers

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Residue Cleaning Powder for Water distillers

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Water Distiller Residue Cleaning Powder.

Use the water distiller residue cleaner powder to remove stubborn residue remaining in the water distiller boiling tank. You can also use the cleaning powder on other household items that have water scaling problems such as kettles.

The water distiller cleaning crystals are made mainly of citric acid monohydrate which is found in all plants, especially in limes and lemons.

Residue cleaning powder usage:

  1. Pour hot water into the stainless steel boiler tank up to the point you want to clean.
  2. Pour 1-4 table spoons (amount depends on how dirty) of cleaning powder into the boiler tank.
  3. Keep the top cover of the water distiller OFF and UNPLUGGED leaving the boiler tank OPEN.
  4. Turn on the water distiller and allow it to boil for approximately 15-30 minutes.
  5. Pour out the dirty water and rinse the boiler tank thoroughly with water

How often should you clean your water distiller?

The answer depends largely on how often you use your distiller. Typically, most people find they clean their water distiller with the cleaning powder every 1-4 weeks. You should clean your water distiller when you notice a build up of left behind contaminants which will usually start to form after 1 week if you are using it once per day.

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