Drink more water and why should come from our home water distiller

With our bodies being made up of around 70% water it should come as no surprise that drinking water is essential to our health and our very existence. Think of water as the very nutrient your body needs, it’s critical we replace the large amounts of water we lose everyday.

Fluid loss can occur through sweating, breathing and even urination and when your water intake is less than your output, dehydration can occur. Fluid loss is even more risky during warmer weather and strenuous exercise or in older adults so it’s imperative that we make sure to take on at least two litres of water a day. Here are just a few benefits you might see from drinking enough water, more importantly drinking enough water from your home water distiller.

Helping to maintain the balance of bodily fluids

Water in your body has a function and that includes helping digestion, absorptionand circulation, creating saliva, transporting nutrients and maintaining body temperature. When we’re low on fluids the brain sends a signal that triggers our thirst mechanism and we should listen up.

Water helps control calories

Whilst it doesn’t have a magical power that eliminates all fat and calories you consume, by drinking water instead of higher calorie drinks you’ll be decreasing your calories intake a tremendous amount. Not only this but you’ll also feel fuller for a lot longer which can help stop you from snacking unnecessarily. Foods with a high water content can also help too such as porridge, fruits, vegetables, soups and even beans.

Water helps to energise your muscles

If your cells don’t maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes they can and do often shrivel which then results in muscle fatigue, something all gym bunnies will have experienced at one time or another. This stops them working as well meaning your performance will inevitably suffer. When you’re exercising drinking enough is quite simply imperative and it should be drunk before, during and after to ensure you’ve replaced all lost fluids.

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Frightening information about tap water

The most frightening information now however is that our tap water could actually be doing more harm than good which isn’t what we want especially when we need water so badly. Drinking regular tap water, with its high content for chemicals and impurities puts us at risk for conditions such as bone fluorosis and dental fluorosis along with an increased risk of cancer through the intake of a known carcinogenic.

We’re even at an increased risked of Alzheimer’s and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Avoiding all of this however is easy. With our stainless steel home water distillers you can have 24/7 access to 99.8% pure water free from all impurities, toxins and chemicals. Take a look at a home distiller from us here at Make Water Pure, the leading suppliers of home water distillers in the UK. We guarantee you’ll never look back.