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When it comes to purchasing any type of product now, a company can tell you just how high quality it is and just how much it can benefit your life but it’s not really what you want to hear. Along with huge changes when it comes to marketing itself, the way customers look into their possible purchases has also changed. With the introduction of social media and more access to the online world in general, customers are more willing than ever to speak to each other and confer.

It’s meant the start of something new with customers now more than happy to share their experiences and as a result, reviews are now one of the first things people turn to before making that all important purchase. Knowing this, we decided it was a good idea to share just a few of our customer reviews with you to show the sort of positive impact one of our high quality stainless steel water distillers can have on your life.

Customer Reviews of Make Water Pure after purchasing

Highly recommend Review by Cameron

I've run the distiller a few cycles. Now that has happened - this is the best water I've ever had. It is completely clear and entirely taste and odour free. I cannot more highly recommend.

very happy Review by piscator64

very happy with product.thank you

Very Happy Review by swinforge

Excellent. Very Happy. Prompt delivery and distiller works quick & easy. Thanks

Lovely Machine Review by Steve

Fabulous FAST delivery. Lovely machine. It is chromed or polished steel on the outside which makes it easy to clean and matches my other appliances. The seller was VERY prompt at responding and I was able to get it just in time for Christmas. Highly recommended. :-)

Very happy Review by Dasclair

Very good. Very fast shipping. Distiller works perfectly. Very happy.

Brilliant product Review by theuniverse13

Very fast delivery! Brilliant product. Thank you :)

Thanks Review by davidsxi

Item just as described. Thanks very much.

great price Review by gadget-man-007

so far very happy with my purchase and the service great price too!!!

Fast delivery Review by benzbenz13

fast delivery great seller AAA+++ will order again

A1 seller Review by kittenlover_uk

Brilliant distiller love the clean taste of real water A1 seller


dear make waterpure, your postal service is superfast its free your prices are the Best and your distiller a top product it does what its meant to and more the Best money I ever invested for my health, it was very hard to believe there was so much dirt left on the bottom of the container black metallic looking after the very first time I used it to self clean I will have no hesitation in recommending this to all my friends n family, on top I was helped along as to how to order this over the internet with kindness n passions tea n coffee now have a different taste smoother softer a real pleasure to drink n how I enjoy drinking just your distilled water, a VERY BIG THANK YOU ALL

Reasonable priced, worth buying, Thanks. Review by Khalid

Does 4 litres in under 4 hours and costs around 9p a litre.

Make water pure Review by TJ

Top quality product. 4 STARS

My Review Review by Liza

Waster distiller is quiet compared to some out there and it doesn’t get too hot either on the outside casing. Had water checked to see what quality is like and the rating was Excellent. Recommend the make water pure products.

5* Review by dave h

so I gets the distiller about 2 weeks ago and my wife drinks more water than me now. flouride issues in the tap water led us to buying one. Build Quality – Very Good, Water – Pure!

MWP DISTILLER Review by Louise

Had this distiller for time and it never let me down. Best one we had so thankyou MWP.

Holy Water Review by Thomas Grimes

Ok it may not be holy water but I’m blessed that I made the change to distilled water as I do feel much healthier and I have lost weight too and the distiller itself looks great, easy to clean and company bought off is great too.

Water Distiller Review by Jonny from London

I recommend you buy from Make Water Pure as they answer emails in a timely fashion. The product is great, service is excellent and the water tastes how it should. Thumbs up to you.

Pure and Reliable Review by Gillian

Make Water Pure Distiller is a good buy. Shopped around and decided on this one and I have no buyers remorse what so ever. It is a good distiller that produces pure water x

Best investment made Review by Luis Thomas

Never really understood the benefits of drinking distilled water until I purchased the Make Pure Water Distiller. Feel more energetic, better hydrated and drinking water is no longer a chore as I enjoy the taste. Highly Recommended.

No more tired arms at supermarket Review by Mrs Weaver

Very nice distiller which I bought six months ago. I like the taste of the water better than tap or bottled water from supermarket.
I usually turn it on in the evening and it auto shut off works fine, then you have 4 litres or so of distilled water. Stopped buying water now so money saver too.

Make Water Pure Distiller Review Review by Ged P

Ive been using the distiller for 7 months and it makes the best water Ive ever tasted. The distiller itself is good quality and has not let me down. Does what it supposed to do and is cost effective.

Fantastic! Review by steven

Before I found out about distilled water I had always drank bottle water. Evian, Volvic etc. The problem I had was it was not convenient carrying 2 litre bottles all the way from the shop to my home (no car) due to the weight. Because of this, I was only drinking a small quantity of water on a daily basis as I would run out and not get to the shop for another couple of days. Now that I have my own water distiller, I make 4 litres a day at home! This has also saved me money as I was paying £1.10 for a 2 litre bottle! Add that up over a month and its quite a lot for water. I've also found that distilled water has such a refreshing feeling compared to bottled water which seems to have an after taste. Thumbs up from me :-)


Distilled Water Testimonials

Review from Jamie, 27 from Liverpool
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Jamie Distilled Water ReviewFirst of all we’d like to thank Jamie, 27 from Liverpool, for taking the time to leave his review. Jamie has been so impressed with the introduction of distilled water into his life that he now drinks at least four litres of the purest water available every single day. He’s been doing this for ten months now and has noticed huge changes in himself that he puts down to distilled water and distilled water alone. After discovering distilled water and hearing about some of its benefits online he found himself intrigued enough to explore further.

Despite at first struggling with the consumption of such a large amount of water per day within the first week, Jamie soon found that his body actually wanted more within the second week. He described it as similar to a switch being flicked inside his body as if it had been reminded that it needed the good stuff to operate. By the third week Jamie had managed to increase his water consumption to a huge four litres easily and has since then continued to do drink this amount per day.

Jamie, as with most who enjoy distilled water, has noticed a number of different benefits including weight loss with a physical difference being seen in as little as three months. This was all without a change in diet or exercise. He also found his skin appeared to be less dry and had a much fresher appearance with friends and family commenting on the change.

A difference in energy levels is another area in which distilled water is able to benefit us and Jamie certainly saw this change, rather quickly too. Within just three days of enjoying distilled water he felt recharged. His mind felt clear and awake for the first time in number of years and he claims it was this in particular that really showed the positive impact distilled water would have on his life.




Review from Trinity, from Milton Keynes
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Trinity Distilled Water ReviewA young lady named Trinity, from Milton Keynes, also took the time to leave a review for us here at Make Water Pure. After heavy consumption of a chemical known as Aspartame, she began experiencing a number of symptoms and was soon diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome along with a food sensitivity, light sensitivity and general aches and pains. After trying a number of different treatments in a bid to become healthy again, all proving to have little or no effect at all, she finally decided to turn to distilled water.

After just forty-eight hours of drinking distilled water, Trinity had noticed a three pound drop in weight (this is thanks to the distilled water removing a lot of toxins from the body which are usually stored as fluid) as well as a visible reduction in water retention. She also noticed that the dermatitis on her hands, which she had previously been prescribed a steroid cream for, was beginning to clear within four days. As with Jamie, Trinity also noticed a significant difference in her energy levels and general well being. Her IBS symptoms are getting better each day and for this, Trinity thanks distilled water.




Review from Tony, 55 from United States
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Tony Distilled Water Review

It isn’t just the younger generation however that are benefitting from the availability of distilled water in the home. Tony, 55 also took the time to leave a review for us and his results were nothing short of dramatic. Tony felt that a picture spoke a thousand words, or in the very least more than he could write down. Showing a picture that was taken before he started his journey with distilled water, Tony could easily have been mistaken for a man older than his years.

Just six months into his journey consuming four and a half litres of distilled water a day and the difference in his physical appearance was huge. He not only looks younger with fresher, tighter looking skin but he also feels incredibly healthy too. He strongly believes that the consumption of distilled water alone has meant the removal of toxins from his body that have accumulated over the years.

Here at Make Water Pure we could spend hours every day telling you just how positively an at home water distiller would benefit your life but we know nothing says it quite like the review of a customer. Water isn’t simply a drink or a fluid you add to your cooking, it’s a fuel and just like the fuel you put in your car engine, it allows you to go further and faster so do the best you can do for your body and give it the purest water possible.

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