Refer a friend to buy a water distiller


How it works

We’re offering everyone a £20 cash reward everytime a friend is referred to Make Water Pure and purchases a water distiller.

That means for example if you refer 5 friends and they all purchase a water distiller, you'll receive £100 cash!

Simply create your invitations, track the progress via your account and redeem your cash once your friend has placed a successful water distiller order via our website.

There is no limit on how many invitations you can send and redeem. The more the merrier.

Help spread the word on how we can all enjoy pure water and earn cash every time you do it.

Start referring

Learn how

You can either contact us via email or Live Chat with the name of the friend you have referred once they have purchased or you can use our automated referral system. To use our referral system you must first register or login to your account. Once logged in, go to the "Referred Friends" tab via "My Account"

From this page you can invite your friends via email using the INVITE A FRIEND button, or, copy and paste your unique broadcast link via email, facebook, twitter etc.

When a friend clicks on this link, from that point on any water distiller purchase they make will be recorded and associated with your account automatically generating a £20 cash reward, visible and trackable within the "Referred Friends" page.

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