Looking at a distiller for sale but want to know more

Find out just what it could do for you and your health

If you’re looking at a distiller for sale but still feel a little in the dark when it comes to just what it can do, then please allow us here at Make Water Pure to explain it all for you. Distilled water is the world’s best and purest of all waters. It’s amazing when it comes to detoxification and fasting as well as generally helping clean out cells, organs and fluids within the body. This is down to the simple fact that it’s so good at carrying away harmful substances.

Water in our homes, offices, schools and even hospitals are likely to be overloaded with zinc, copper and fluoride

Water from our chemically treated systems such as our everyday tap water, and even water from wells and springs is usually loaded with chemicals and toxins that are harmful to us. This means the water in our homes, offices, schools and even hospitals are likely to be overloaded with zinc from old fashioned piping, copper from copper piping and even fluoride for its supposed benefits when it comes to tooth decay.

Copper and heavy metals in your drinking water

With the daily consumption of these harmful substances, people are now becoming worried and quite right too. The questions now being asked are: how can I stop these chemicals and inorganic materials from turning my brain and body into stone? How do I stop my joints from seizing up? How can I help stop kidney and bladder stones? How do I keep my arteries and veins from hardening up?

Water makes up most of you, so make sure your water is pure

The amount of water in the human body is phenomenal, around 70%. Water makes up 92% of your blood and even brain cells are 70% water. From this it’s easy to see why the liquid is so important. When you drink water it goes directly to your stomach where some of it is immediately absorbed into your blood stream. The remainder goes into your intestines to keep food you’ve eaten in a liquid state whilst it’s being absorbed.

A well hydrated body can fight off attacks of viruses much better

The correct kind of water i.e. pure water is one of your best natural protections against viral infections such as influenza and pneumonia as well as other infectious diseases simply because a well hydrated body can fight off attacks of viruses much better. Another of water’s jobs is to help flush out toxins from the body and drinking the right amount and type of liquids (distilled water, fruits, vegetables and their juices) will ensure this happens to the optimum level. This all adds up to super-health and a long life with improved mind and brainpower.

Water Distillers from Make Water Pure

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