Lose weight with distilled water

We’ve touched upon the subject of weight loss and distilled water before but we didn’t really go into depth about it. We find many people still contact us today asking for more of an explanation. For all those and more, today we’re going to dive a little deeper by looking at just how you can lose weight with distilled water. Now, it’s always incredibly important to drink water each and every single day. The National Health Service actually recommend we drink around two litres of H2O a day which is eight 250ml glasses. It’s also been suggested that a great number of us misinterpret our bodies telling us we’re thirsty and believe our bodies are actually craving food.

With this we all seem to reach for the biscuit tin (or any other snack of choice) rather than what our body really wants – a glass of water. You may think, like the majority of others in the same situation, who doesn’t know the difference between thirst and hunger simply because at times, it can be so obvious. To answer this we suggest you do one thing. The next time your body starts to tell you it’s hungry between meals, drink some water and watch that feeling of ‘hunger’ disappear without a fuss. Your body will feel replenished and you’ll have skipped your usual calorie laden snack.

The first steps of distilled water weight loss

One of the first steps when it comes to beginning a sensible weight loss program with distilled water is to replace all of your usual drinks with pure distilled water. This means all of those coffees, teas, fizzy drinks, juices and even alcoholic cocktails that are usually filled with more sugar than a can of coke. By doing this, you’ll have immediately reduced your calorie intake i.e. a regular cup of coffee made with semi-skimmed milk and just one sugar will contain just over 50 calories. Ask yourself how many of these you drink in a day and you’ll probably be surprised just how many of your daily calories actually come from your regular caffeine boost.

A glass of distilled water on the other hand has zero calories. You’ll also find that a glass of distilled H2O drank before, during or after any one of your meals will also help hugely with digestion. Therefore we suggest you ensure you have a glass of water with you at every single mealtime as this will help with optimum weight loss. A great way to boost your metabolism would be to drink cold water as opposed to water at room temperature.

In order for your body to digest cold water, it must burn energy by getting the water back up to body temperature which is why any distilled water is best kept in the fridge when you’re looking to lose weight. If you really are serious about increasing your water intake then we suggest you should also look at decreasing your salt intake as salt actually helps to retain water weight. By reducing this, you’ll lose weight much quicker.

Here at Make Water Pure, we recommend using the distilled water created by our quality stainless steel water distiller as it can help to detoxify your body. It does this by clearing out fats from your bloodstream, which then allows for much faster transportation of nutrients and other chemical substances around your body. We strongly advise however that distilled water be consumed as part of a healthy diet consisting of three healthy meals a day.

Excite your senses with distilled water

Aside from losing weight with distilled water, you’ll also notice a much-improved metabolism, a far superior skin complexion, heightened mood and even sharper mind power. With this in mind, there’s simply no denying that switching to distilled water would be a huge benefit especially when it means banishing the harmful ingredients from your regular fizzy drink consumption.

We do understand however that for some, the prospect of drinking water isn’t as exciting as their previously sugar filled beverages. In answer to this we suggest exciting your senses with distilled water infused with your favourite flavours. By using fresh fruits and vegetables, your water will not only enjoy the wonderful flavours but it will become naturally sweetened too, perfect for those with a real sweet tooth.

Mint, cucumber and lime -  this is perhaps the most refreshing flavour you can make. All you need to do is slice lime, cucumber and place them in your glass collection jug. Throw in a few scrunched up mint leaves and then place in your fridge. Top up with chilled distilled water as many times as you want in the next 24 hours.

Vitamin C boost – by mixing ginger and orange, you’ll not only boost your metabolism but you’ll give yourself a glass of vitamin C too. Just peel and thinly slice roughly one inch of ginger and place at the bottom of your collection jug. Slice half an orange and then top up with chilled distilled water and ice for a real great summer drink. We recommend letting the flavours infuse for an hour before pouring yourself a glass.

The red and green detox –this water has two different components – strawberries and rosemary. Rosemary is great for nutrients including calcium, iron and vitamin B. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. Quarter a handful of strawberries and add a few sprigs of rosemary, then leave to infuse for an hour before tasting.