Making distilled water to enjoy at home

Head straight into any supermarket and you’ll likely find yourself paying £1 or more for a small bottle of water. Some of this you’ll see labeled as pure, however such a title can actually be quite misleading. It may be spring water, it may even have been purified by a process called reverse osmosis or it may simply just be filtered tap water.

Not only is bottled water expensive but it’s also bad for the environment. In fact, the Mother Nature Network has reported that bottled water will produce around 1.5billion tonnes of waste in plastic every single year. Take into consideration the fact that all of this plastic will require around 47 million gallons of oil to produce with only a 20% recycle rate and it’s easy to see just how much damage we’re actually doing to our planet.

There are other options however, such as making distilled water at home. Stop wasting your money on bottled water now. Grab yourself a reusable water bottle and fill it each and every day with pure, steam distilled water that you’ve rather cleverly made yourself at home. 

What is steam-distilled water?

A great number of people are completely unaware that they can enjoy steam-distilled water in the comfort of their own home. Steam distilling is a process in which water is boiled within an enclosed container in order to capture steam and condense it back in a connected container. Once the water has been boiled away entirely, all that remains in the boiling container are the chemicals, toxins and heavy metals that were once in the water you drank.

The water that fills the second container, or the glass collection jug as is the case with Make Water Pure distillers, is virtually 100% H2O. It contains zero chemicals or harmful ingredients. Water distillers are so easy to use that it merely requires you filling the container up with water, plugging it in, switching it on and ensuring the glass collection jug is in place to collect the water that’s produced. Make Water Pure machines are so efficient in fact that you can create 4 litres of fresh, clean water in under 4 hours.

Why drink distilled water?

Whether your family history dictates a predisposition toward a certain ailment or perhaps you’re just looking out for your health, drinking clean pure distilled water is always a positive thing. Our public supply of water, the water that we have used for many years from our kitchen tap, actually contains a rather high amount of chemicals and toxins. These chemicals and toxins include fluoride, chlorine and aluminium sulphate to name just a few.

Through a number of studies, long term ingestion of such harmful ingredients have shown to correlate with a great number of health issues including early puberty, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, a more aggressive onset of Alzheimer’s disease, thyroid dysfunction, male infertility, skin disorders and lowered IQ to name just a few. 

The advantages of an at-home water distiller

Money saving – when it comes to purchasing water, this can prove hugely expensive. This especially so when you consider that you’ll need to buy a minimum of 2-4 litres per day, every single day. Distilling at home is much cheaper.

Convenient – when you don’t have the convenience of an at-home water distiller, you’ll find yourself paying weekly visits to your local supermarket in order to purchase enough drinking water for yourself (and the rest of your family) which can become hugely inconvenient. Not only is it another stop you have to make but it’s also rather heavy to lug around. With a water distiller on the other hand, the only carrying you’ll need to do would be when you carry your glass collection jug of distilled water from the kitchen worktop into your fridge.

Healthy – steam distilled water is entirely pure so if you’re worried about chemicals or toxins in your tap water then you can now simply eliminate them entirely using your water distiller. 

Emergency use – should your tap water become temporarily undrinkable or you’re issued with a “boil water” advisory then you’re completely covered. A Make Water Pure water distiller can purify absolutely any type of water including water that’s been filled with mud or even hazardous waste. As long as you have access to electricity via your home plug socket or a generator then you have a source of safe, drinkable water. 

The cost of distilled water

A Make Water Pure water distiller starts from just £108 and comes ready to plug in and go. Now while this may sound more expensive than buying distilled water from your local supermarket, what you need to consider is the amount of money you’ll spend over the course of a month, six months and possibly even a year. Those bottles of pure or distilled water will soon add up to much more than you ever realised. You should also consider the fact that it’s an ongoing cost, for the rest of your life.

When you begin to count the cost of bottled water over two years, five years or ten years even, the figures start to look a little frightening. The cost of a water distiller starts to look rather insignificant after this. Yes of course, you must consider in the factor purchasing a reusable water bottle, perhaps £2-£3 from your local sports shop along with the cost of the electricity for each 4 hour cycle. Compare this however to the cost of buying bottled water and it’s what can only be described as a ‘no brainer’. If you don’t distill your own water by now, then might we suggest you consider it? 

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