The associated dangers of fluoride in tap water

Originally an additive to our tap water for its supposed great benefits when it comes to preventing tooth decay, fluoride has over time gained a solid reputation for actually being harmful to our health, in more ways than one. However, with the availability of a home water distiller we now needn’t worry too much, but it is good to be aware, and here we’d like to explain just what the harmful chemical can do to us.

Fluoride and our thyroid

Fluoride has a unique ability to completely counteract the iodine we consume in our diets. Iodine is used by our body to aid the healthy function of our thyroid, and without it, our thyroid can slow down significantly. Fluoride is so good at this in fact that it was once prescribed for people suffering with an over active thyroid, so the fact that we’re drinking it, often more than the previously prescribed daily dose is somewhat unsettling.

Fluoride and bones

Sadly when it comes to fluoride, our bodies just aren’t that great at getting rid of it. Typically only getting rid of around 50-60% of the fluoride we consume, the rest is left to build up, usually in our bones. And for children and babies, the statistics are more alarming with their delicate bodies absorbing around 80%. These figures are especially frightening when we take a look at Skeletal Fluorosis, a fluoride induced bone disease which often mimics the same symptoms of arthritis.


Fluoride and Infertility

When tested on animals, fluoride in large amounts was shown to completely kill the male reproductive ability. Worse still a US trial showed a high amount of infertility amongst couples that were living in areas where they were exposed to 3ppm of fluoride in water. Coincidence possibly or merely yet more evidence of the damage that fluoride is having on us? Ladies, a distilled water machine may be the way forward for his next Christmas present.

Fluoride and brain damage

Yet again, through the testing of fluoride on a number of different species, it has been proved that fluoride actually collects in the brain. Fluoride, among a number of other such harmful chemicals, has been shown to accumulate in the brain and not only alter our mental behaviour but also affect our ability to learn. Frightening that we actually encourage our children to drink more water when its affects can be this detrimental, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Home distillers remove fluoride from tap water

Suffice to say, fluoride and its great ability when it comes to giving us a healthy dental record, just doesn’t quite outweigh the numerous other negative side effects. However, now with home distillers and their ability to remove almost all of the harmful ingredients within our tap water, it is perhaps now more avoidable. Making our water 99.8% pure is a little something to help us sleep that little bit sounder at night.