The benefits you may not have realised when it comes to distilled water

Distilled water is quite simply the closest we can get to pure drinking water. Sadly in spite of this the same old myths and fallacies seem to surround distilled water so we thought we’d clear a few things up and show you just how beneficial distilled water actually is. The purpose of this article is simply to set the record straight about what distilled water does and how it can help every single one of the general public.

Distillation kills and removes bacteria, viruses and toxins

bacteria, viruses and toxinsThis is probably the main reason most turn to distillation in the first place. With our public water supply pumped full of harmful contaminants, distillation is the only way to avoid it. Distillation kills and removes bacteria and viruses along with toxins and contaminants that would otherwise flood our bodies. It will also remove inorganic materials too.

Those who worry about the supposed lack of minerals in their water however needn’t as we gain all of our necessary minerals and vitamins from our food. When people think of water do they think of pure and simple H2O or do they think of H2O with inorganic minerals, fluoride and chlorine? Distillation removes the widest range of contaminants over any other system so why choose any other way?

Distillation will help to remove contaminants from your body too

distilled water acts like a magnetDistilled water as we know is pure, around 99.8% pure in fact. This gives it an inherent quality whereby it can act almost like a magnet. As it works through the body it picks up rejected, discarded and unused minerals and waste. When assisted by the blood and the lymph it carries them to lungs and kidneys for elimination.

The fact that it collects only minerals that have been rejected or excreted by our own cells only goes to further emphasise the point of it helping to clear and remove contaminants from our bodies.

Distilled water tastes fresh and chemical free

drink pure fresh distilled waterMany people once believed distilled water had a bland taste but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When made in a quality home water distiller with the added help of a carbon filtration system, the water you drink will taste nothing short of fresh and clean.

The difference in taste is not only noticeable but hugely welcomed when compared with toxin filled tap water. Water as a rule shouldn’t have a taste and it certainly shouldn’t have a metallic aftertaste which our tap water does.

Water distillers are also effective against organic chemicals

Carbon filter for water distillerswe all know how distillation works. The water boils at a temperature that’s lower than required to boil the contaminants in it. The steam then rises leaving the contaminants behind. What about the contaminants that have a lower boiling point than water?

This is exactly why we have carbon filtration systemsin our water distillers as any unwanted gases are caught by it. Carbon pre-treatment before distillation will remove the best part of chlorine and VOC’s and the post filter is used much like a polishing filter to get the last few traces.

Water distillers are cheap to run

Stainless Steel Water DistillerOur home water distillers use an absolute minimum of electricity to create your pure distilled water. On top of this they’re the fasting working machines around creating four litres of water in around three hours.

Compare this to some machines that take between four and sometimes five hours and it’s clear to see the difference in energy used. The other option of course is buying bottled water but this too proves hugely expensive in comparison to distilling your water at home. Making your own distilled water is quite simply convenient and cost effective.

Distilled water can help clear your skin

Solve skin problems by drinking distilled water

When it comes to our skin, we all know it’s a good indicator of what’s going on inside of our bodies. With the help of distilled water we can flush out any contaminants and toxins that may be building up as well as prevent any more from entering our bodies too. This will help hugely in the race for clear skin but it doesn’t just help from the inside out. Using distilled water to wash your face will help to achieve clearer skin too.

Living in an area of medium to hard water (this is due to a high amount of chemicals such as fluoride being present) you may notice you suffer from dry skin and that feeling of tightness after you wash. You might even notice that your skin feels like it’s accrued a certain build up. Most put this down to product build up but it’s actually chemicals and contaminants left on your skin. Washing your face in distilled water can preventthis. Washing in the pure water will prevent dryness, tightness and any type of build up that would likely cause skin irritation and a subsequent breakout.

It will help your appliances last longer

By using pure water from your water distiller in your steam appliances you’ll undoubtedly enable them to last a lot longer saving you even more money in the long run. Your steam appliances will no longer suffer from that dreaded lime scale build up meaning they’ll work for a lot longer and stop any hassle of last minute dashes to the supermarket to replace the iron in a rush.

Here at Make Water Pure we know only too well the benefits that come with home water distillers but if you’d like more information then simply click here