Water Distiller BEFORE and AFTER Tap Water

For the majority of people who look at a glass of good old household tap water, it's not surprising that they assume it's clear, clean and safe to drink not just for themselves but the whole family, children and babies included. After all, human beings are pretty good at judging things using their primary senses.

However, we urge you to look at little closer and we've helped you to do this with some BEFORE and AFTER photographs we have taken (see above) of what a Make Water Pure Water Distiller looks like BEFORE tap water has been distilled in it and AFTER tap water has been distilled in it.

The results, as you can see, ARE SHOCKING.

Make no mistake, this is not a rare or extreme case. This is generally what's hidden away in your every day U.K household tap water whilst you obliviously drink it and yes, that includes in your tea, coffee, juice, soup and whatever else you use tap water for. The reason you can't see it when it comes out the tap and into your glass is due to the quantity of water compared to the PPM (Parts Per Million) of chemicals and contaminants.

To understand this, imagine putting one tiny dot on 1,000 pieces of plain white paper. Not surprisingly, we would not notice the dots. Now imagine putting those same 1,000 dots onto one piece of paper, well, you get the 'picture', but let's make this really clear with some illustrative images below.

Water Distiller 1 Dot

Did you find the dot? Don't spend too long looking, here's the next one

Water Distilled 1000 dots

Let's not forget what these 'dots' represent in this analogy. We are talking about FLUORIDE, CHLORINE, ALUMINIUM SULPHATE, CALCIUM HYDROXIDE and SODIUM as well as whatever junk the water picks up on its way to your house through miles of old underground metal pipes.

At this stage, I'm sure your primary senses have kicked right back in after seeing and understanding exactly what's in your tap water.

So what can you do to make your own PURE FRESH WATER?

To remove the dots (chemicals and contaminants) from your tap water leaving 99.8% pure clean safe fresh H2O for you and your family, which is exactly what water is and is meant to be, we use the process of distillation which is just how mother nature herself has kept  the water on planet earth for millions of years available and clean for all living things.

A Home Water Distiller machine replicates this process meaning you can enjoy the best water possible made from your very own home. Simple.

If you would like more information, please contact the Make Water Pure team.

Please share this information with friends and family as our aim is to ensure as many people as possible know what they are really drinking via their tap water and what they can do to change it.